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12-20-2000, 12:43 AM
Well, the good news is that I'm running off my 2nd PTP, the one sent by the seller to replace the original PTP that had a daughtercard that was flexed way over to one side, making the mobo d/card slot questionable.

The bad news is, when I went to boot my powercurve this morning, got a bong, drive clickity clicked away, just as it would if the machine was normally booting, but no display on monitor. Hmmmmm. Punched the programmer interupt button, got bong, same deal. MACh carrier g3/400,..80Mb RAM,..OS 9.0.4,...Twin Turbo PCI vid 8Mb.

Hit the power key to activate shutdown/restart/sleep panel, hit the enter key to activate the default SHUT DOWN.............nothing happened. Ended up pulling the plug to get shut down. Checked all my connections. Retry, same deal.

Had to go on calls, and when I got back I cracked open the new PTP. Moved each needed device over one at a time. Moved each of the following from the PCurve, over to the PTP......Monitor=it worked....Twin Turbo 8Mb video card=it worked.....4Gb Medalist drive=it worked.....MACh Carrier g3/400/200/1Mb L2= it worked.

All that is left in the frame of the PowerCurve is the mobo and the memory..one 16Mb stick and one 64Mb stick, and mobo VRAM and ROM chip-set.

http://www.macgurus.com/ubb/question.gif Anyone recognize this scenario? If one of my DIMMs was hashed, would that cause this to happen?

RAM slot designation was slot one 16Mb, 64Mb slot two. Last night I did accidently hook up the monitor to the on board video, and the machine X'ed out the TT extensions on boot. Moved it back over to the Twin T vid out, worked for awhile, then shutdown, till this morning's boot.

I was just getting excited about the prospect of having 2 fully working machines when this happened.

Anyone that has a grip on a good diagnosis would be appreciated.


12-20-2000, 07:35 PM
dave, I don't see why you stopped--just finish the job, and see if you have a problem with one of those two DIMMs.

12-20-2000, 10:13 PM
'Eights, one time, my powercenter stopped booting for no apparent reason. I stripped everything out and figured out it wouldnt boot with a 32 meg DIMM I had. Took it out, put it aside for a while.

Turns out the DIMM wasnt seated right, and now is back in the same machine working fine.

The moral is, take the RAM out and re-seat it.

Mad Dog

12-20-2000, 11:02 PM
Well now there's an idea.........yes I will do that.

This ptp has 2 64Mb sticks interleaved, OEM PowerComp set. With all the stuff I been dealin with for awhile, it's just nice to have a stable machine.

But yes Mag, that's how I'll test it out. MadDog, thanks for your input too.

One thing I always do is make sure stuff is seated big time, although, being a mere human bean, I will double check that.

Thanks gent's


12-21-2000, 06:30 AM
that's one of the nice things about having more than one machine. You can test stuff, move it around, try different combinations.


12-21-2000, 09:42 AM
M, you've either been up late or up early over the past week or so.....

Yeah, GOTTA have 2 machines going.....which means I ought to really have 3 machines going, 2 running and one to work on.



12-21-2000, 05:04 PM
I've been staying up late, sleeping weird hours, getting up early, napping, all sorts of weird stuff. Looking forward to the holidays. Lots of naps.


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