View Full Version : Beige G3 - no sound!

James Covert
12-20-2000, 07:35 AM
Just bought a beige G3 233 desktop. I noticed it didn't bong on startup and when I select the Monitors/Sound control panel it shows a sample freq of 0.000Hz! Also the control strip won't allow me to turn the volume up. I tried replacing this control panel and junking prefs etc and now it crashes if I select the sound panel. Any ideas?

12-20-2000, 07:49 AM
Not sure what's going on, but I would try zapping PRAM and booting off an OS install CD. Make sure the CD audio cable is connected. If no sound, pull all fancy PCI boards and connections and retry. Disconnect any external speakers, especially USB speakers and make sure the settings on the CD system for sound in and sound out are appropriate.

I, personally, would be using OS9.0.4 with all updates and a fresh clean install on the boot drive. If you have sound with the CD system boot, you need to look for a system component conflict on the hard drive.

Hope this helps somehow

James Covert
12-20-2000, 09:15 AM
Thanks for that. Did try zapping PRAM and starting off install disc and reloading OS but to no avail.
Whats the CD audio cable, is that an internal thing??

12-20-2000, 07:33 PM
the CD audio cable runs from the rear of the CD-ROM to the logic board.

ensure it is well-seated.

I would also pull and reseat the PERCH card, complete.

12-20-2000, 10:15 PM
Hey James,

I think Mag has you pointed in the right direction. I forgot that your machine has sound on the "personality" card in the PERCH slot. Not that checking everything isn't a good idea anyway. Where (from whom) did you purchase your G3? Make sure your card is present and accounted for, carefully reseated as per Mag. Could be a bad card.


James Covert
12-21-2000, 05:12 AM

Thanks for the help. Reseated the perch, personality card whatever it is and the sound is back. Many thanks, appreciatte it.