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12-15-2000, 04:33 PM
Sorry to keep buggin you guys (no, really), can't seem to get this figured out.....

Both machines, doesn't matter which drives, OS, etc...but for right now....PowerCurve w/xlr8 M.Carrier g3/400/1Mb L2/ one 64Mb FPM buffered DIMM, vanilla OS 8.6, or 9.04, doesn't matter...same problem 1 gig Compaq HD, or Miles2 w/LVD kit and 10k cheetah LVD, or Medalist 4.2Gb HD, doesn't matter...same prob.....Apple HD driver, Soft RAID 2.2.2 driver, HDST 3.0...same problem....reformatted and install OS 9.0.4..any of those drives....same prob..

all devices on internal bus, last device terminated (doesn't matter which is where), any device(s) before last non term.

using machine for short periods of time, when I boot from disk warrior 2.0, there are from 20 to 150 items listed in the graph that are misplaced...the longer I use the machine, the more out of place items. This is even when running one application at a time, and allocating above suggested memory. The apps that are usually being run, are a Network TeleSystems product, "EnterNet 300" v1.09, (dsl/PPPoE connect app) and the most recent versions of IE and OE that you guys probably run.

Is this "normal"? If not, what the hell should I check out?

Do you guru's run Disk Warrior "install" "fix on the fly" features on your machines?

I've always heard macs are pretty forgiving about minor fluctuations in power, but could "dirty" power be causing this?

Lay some sage wisdom on me guys....this issue is driving me nuts...(ok, more nuts)...I'll leave you alone for...well....longer than usual...

When I get more time, I'm going to go through here, and start making a print archive of MacGurus on site knowledge, and keep it as a manual (with the exception of a few Richard Gere storage proclivities maybe)....I promise...

thanks for all your help..


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12-15-2000, 04:52 PM
Hey, I said this a couple of days ago when you were in a fit of peak. Let me say it again.

DiskWarrior is a real savior and I use it at least every week before and after running Disk Doctor. It saved my RAID volume two nights ago.

Don't worry that it finds directories out of optimum order. They get moved around in the normal useage of the machine. You will almost never find them in Alsoft's "Optimum Order". They are more efficient that way, but they won't stay that way. Quit worrying about them; just use DW periodically.

DW will tell you when to worry! If it says your directories are florfed and we had one hell of a time trying to rebuild new directories and ....... your.... may turn green and fall off. Then worry!

Take your medicine.

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12-15-2000, 05:02 PM
Richard Gere "storage proclivities" are Darin's department.

Louie is right. Don't worry about directories being moved around. Just optimize them with DW. Make sure you are using a current revision! Either 1.1 or 2.02 or 2.03, I forget.

we do NOT run with the automatic repair extension installed. Repair manually, when you want to do it. Leave those types of extensions disabled.

12-15-2000, 05:29 PM
http://www.macgurus.com/ubb/dance.gif well, okay then....thanks Louie and Magician....

had to give up the medicine 12 years ago......(if ya K what I mean)....I'll just actually leave the house for a bit....