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12-11-2000, 02:13 PM
I want to purchase the Ultimate HD Cooler for my Beige G3 MT, but I have carefully read your instructions on the product description page and carefully analyzed my hardware. It appears that your instructions do not match the case tolerances I see in my case.

Your instructions read as follows:

"When installing into the 8600, 9600 and beige G3 MT, ensure that the front edge of your drive is even with the leading edge of the gold drive brackets. Then install the completed assembly onto the drive tray. Slide it into position, connect your cables, and voila: you have just chilled your drive! In case you are wondering, no, you do not use the included plastic bezels when installing into the Apple "Kansas" chassis. You must position your drive, in the assembeled cooler, on the drive tray correctly so you can replace the front heat shield and front plastic bezel. It can be done. Just look at it carefully."

When examining the space I presently have between my mounted HDD and the heat shield, I do not have 20+mm between the front of my drive and the front heat shield to accomodate the 40x40x20 fans in front of the unit. My HDD sits a few mm behind the heat shield. Does installing this unit require drilling new mounting holes in the drive sled to allow the HDD to sit farther back on the sled?


J.W. Gehart

12-11-2000, 04:25 PM
I would wait for confirmation from someone who has used these things before, but drilling and relocating is a sure-fire way to go. I have done it several times to make thing fit and look nice. Make darned sure you sand the rough edges and TOTALLY deburr the new holes. That's all you need is a little metal filing kicking around in your machine.

12-11-2000, 04:38 PM
no need to drill.

just pull the drive trays, and mount the assembled drive with Ult HD Cooler assembly onto the tray. Then slide the tray back into position, and replace your original bezels. You do not use the included Ult HD bezels. They are the wrong form factor for Apple machines.

no problem with the Ult HD Cooler itself, however. It works well in the minitower beige G3, as long we're talking about the main bays under the CD-ROM.

12-12-2000, 01:01 PM
Dear Magician:

This morning, I took out a ruler and some calipers today to measure the lower bay and my HDD. There exists no way that those beautiful 40x40x20mm fans will physcially fit in front of the HDD if I mount the HDD by its underside mounting holes. I presently have just under 5mm space between the heatshield and the front of the drive.

Thus, in your reply to my query, did you mean that I could get by without drilling if I attach the 5.5" Ultimate HD Cooler to my 3.5" HDD (via the side mounting holes in the drive), and then mount the tray onto the HDD w/ Cooler through the "wide" holes in the corners of the tray (i.e., the ones normally used for a CD-ROM installation) screwing into the Cooler bracket, rather than using the tray holes intended for mounting to the underside of a 3.5" HDD?

If the Ultimate HD Cooler bracket has "wide" mounting holes on its underside, then I could see how you could easily mount the tray to the assembly through them. However, the trays in my G3 MT force all the drives to mount within a few mm of the front bezels.

To get the drive to sit far enough back on the tray to accomodate the fans between the bezel and the HDD, I must somehow change the currenting mounting scheme. Otherwise, I would have to mount the fans on the back side (i.e., the connector side) of drive, protruding into the open part of the bay.

As I want to understand exactly how you got this assembly will work before I purchase, please advise me further.