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01-09-2002, 09:37 PM
I have a small network of various vintage Macs and all has been well for quite some time unil recently when on one of my beige G3s, the startup of file sharing is taking forever (well, ok, so not forever, but anywhere from 15minutes to several hours!). This process used to take (and still does on all the other machines) a few seconds, so something seriously changed. Any ideas WHAT and how to fix it? Any help will be highly appreciated!

running a MachSpeedZIF 400MHz G3 card. 448megs of RAM, System 9.0.4 . I usually share an external firewire harddrive but the startup is slow even if I try to share only a small folder. What gives?

01-09-2002, 11:56 PM
Every so often I have that happen as well on my machines - try a desktop rebuild - see if that helps..It might be that it's been corrupted somehow and forcing a rebuild may help.


01-10-2002, 10:16 PM
Thanks much - tried it but to no avail, I'm afraid. File Sharing is still cranking up 30 minutes after re-start (it WILL com on at some point later tonight, if history is any indication).
Any other ideas Imight try - I'm totally stumped.

01-11-2002, 12:55 AM
Could try the other alternative - a PRAM zap.. a bit extreme perhaps but might help. You will have to reset some stuff when you do that but it might help...

Oh - here's an idea - When it's starting up - tell it to stop - i.e. cancel it. Then reboot the machine.

Now restart the FileSharing and see if that helps...


01-13-2002, 11:46 AM
Thanks again, Chris! I tried both and it didn't improve. In fact, I have even re-installed the system software ( though mainy because my Stylewriter II driver vanished all of a sudden and then the serial port gummed up). That issue was resolved with the re-install but the slow file share startup is still with me...
I'm thinking about upgrading the sytem from 9.0.4 to 9.2 - do you think that's a decent idea? I have heard of compatibility problems with Toast (which I have)?
Anyway, what is file sharing driven by? Is that an extension that I might be able to get an update for or is it part of the system. I'm pretty naive about these things...

01-13-2002, 02:43 PM
... another update. I did upgrade to system 9.2.2 now. Also I repeatedly trahed File sharing prefs. Both without success. Once file sharing came on (took about an hour this time), I deselected all folders that used to be shared. Now I am not actually sharing anything - it's just a mattr of turning sharing on and off and it still slower than heck.

01-13-2002, 04:15 PM
File Sharing is an extension - one thought - do you also have Web sharing turned on?. These are sort of two separate things

If it is, then turn it off and see what happens. Sometimes that Web Sharing causes problems - at least it has with me.

Also - check to see if you have the Filesharing over TCP/IP checked in the FileSharing control panel.

The problem might stem not from File Sharing per se but some other setting, like your network set up. Ensure that AppleTalk, TCP/IP etc are all set as they should be on your machine.


01-13-2002, 04:58 PM
Thanks again, Chris. I have tried with TCP/IP checked or unchecked. Websharing is off. Appletalk and TCP/IP looks fine and indeed, I can see on the chooser and mount all the other volumes on the network just fine. Its just that my own takes forever to crank up (it ALWAYS ends up "on" eventually and when it does, everything works fine -- until the next re-start and then the whole mess starts from scratch.
Incidentally, I have File Sharing Extention 7.6.8 if that is of any significance. Also, my file sharing has worked flawlessly for years - it's only very recently that the bug turned up.
What a pain!


PS: I have run Norton and diskwarrior (in fact I do that regularly after being chastized for practicing "unsafe computing" by one of the gurus here on the board.... Everything is ok there.

01-13-2002, 08:19 PM
euro:??It might be time to defrag your drive(s). Just boot the Norton CD and run Speed Disk. This may cure your AppleTalk problem and speed just about everything else to a degree.

01-13-2002, 09:16 PM
Thanks Guru. Did as told - one of the drives had low, one moderate fragmentation. Got it fixed - unfortunately didn't affect the file sharing startup.
This may sound crazy, but come to think of it, the problam seems to have started roughly around the time I optimized the drives last time. May be just a coincidnece but perhaps its related? This is way over my head...

01-16-2002, 12:29 AM
No! Nothing is over your head. With some faith and patient determination, and good writing skills to describe your problem, you will triumph.

We always do. Seriously, though, this site houses the greatest collection of Mac minds on the planet. Proceed systematically, and try your best to remain calm.