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08-11-2002, 05:13 PM
I am enjoying upgrading this eBay purchase ... an 8500/180 whose internal drive was DOA, and had a bad memory stick that needed to be found and replaced. The following Post sort of shows the "fun" I'm having upgrading in lieu of buying a new Mac. I've also heard a true G3 is pretty cheap on eBay ... my motherboard bus speed is the only thing holding me back at times, but I'm enjoying the results. Now for that Message Posting:

I have tried to use a SIIG ATA/133 PCI card on my system, connected to a Seagate IV ATA/100 HD. I cannot install an OS 9.1 onto the HD, and I get "possible data loss" when an application uses it. I formatted it with Drive Setup, on a stripped down system configuration (no external drives, no additional PCI cards), and have tried other setups.

When trying to install from CD, l always get the message "Problems were encountered accessing the file "Tools (... and other filenames)" on the disk "untitled". Please move the file to another folder and try again."

I upgraded the Firmware from ACARD's site to AEC-6280 v 2.11.

I also have FWB's recent Hard Disk ToolKit. Any suggestions on how to utilize it to my advantage?

Anyone have experience and could recommend other ATA Controllers Cards? Like ACARD/133 (is it REALLY the same card as SIIG's?) or I should drop down to ACARD/66. OR, Try Sonnet's new /133 or just go to their Sonnet ATA/100. I'm returning the SIIG, and need to decide on a replacement from Other World Computing (www.owcomputing.com (http://www.owcomputing.com)) over the weekend.

My System Configuration, when complete (ATA Drive system remains to be corrected) will look like this:

* PowerPC 8500/180: CPU Upgraded to PowerLogix G3/400/200/1MB (overclocked to 450/225).
* RAM 640MB (2-128's, 6-64's, all 60ns), VRAM 4MB
* SCSI Bus 0: CDROM.
* SCSI Bus 1: Seagate (ST318416N) External 18.4 GB * SCSI, Iomega 100MB Zip, UMAX 2400S Scanner, Active External Teminated.
* SCSI Bus 2: Seagate (ST360021A) Internal ATA/100 60GB HD, maybe add an Internal CDBurner (available for a Mac? or an external one), add other ATA's down the road.
* Sonnet Tango USB/FW PCI Card

Any other insights would be appreciated ... RAID considerations, etc ...


Brian Higgins
08-30-2002, 10:11 AM
I have used the OWC ACard/66 on a 7500 and PowerTower Pro, both with G3/500 upgrades. Installation was straightforward, and with the new firmware the IDE drive is seen by OSX. System works really well and nicely priced IMO. I have also used Sonnet's Tango/66 card and had no problems either.

Installed OWC 3 port FW card ($25) on both machines and had no problem with OSX