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07-17-2002, 12:29 PM
Oh great gurus....I am but a worm and my knowledge is pitiful. I have a beige 266 MHz G3 Rev B with AV and I would like to put some parts from a MoBo-dead B&W G3. I salvaged the ATI 128 card (16 MB, the 128 MB chip, and a Maxtor 16 GB HD that has 40 pins (Ultra ATA, right?). I was thinking I could do a master/slave set up, but after I installed the card and the chip I was very surprised to find a 68 pin cable (SCSI??) connecting my CD-ROM, ZIP disk and Viking II 4 GB HD all to a card in the first PCI slot. After much reading of the forums, I have many questions. Is this a altered configuration to accomodate the ZIP drive? Can I plug the 16 GB drive in? If so where? Does this completely ruin the master/slave idea? Can both drives be used in an alternate conformation? Are there any other tricks I can do with my AV inputs? Can I salvage the 400MHz chip from the B&W G3 too? Thank you in advance, oh great wizards....

07-18-2002, 05:59 PM
Hey Alan,

That is a cool project. Let's do the easy parts first.

?The ATI card will work well in your Beige. It's a Apple supported OEM card and should even work with OSX.

?The 400 zif will absolutely install in the zif socket. Might be interesting figuring out how to configure it to run on a 66 mhz bus. The zif is set to run at 4 times the bus speed in a B&W. You will have to set it to 6 times the 66 mhz Beige bus to get 396mhz cpu speed.

I thought that Beige's had ATA33 motherboard buses as well as a 5mhz narrow scsi. I didn't think they were putting the CD and the zip on a scsi but on the IDE bus. HOWEVER, if yours has the hard drive on a scsi you will still be able to plug the ATA66 Maxtor into the IDE bus as long as you get the right cable.

I have never had a Beige so I can't tell you where the cable should plug in nor how long it should be, but there are others on this forum that definitely can.

?One thing though, I have heard that there are issues having BOTH SCSI and ATA drives on a Beige, I have no idea why but the memory controller doesn't handle that well at all. So you might have to pick whichever is the faster.(probably the Maxtor ATA66)

?If I was in your shoes I would be looking to purchase a new or used replacement motherboard for that B&W. They are starting to get real reasonable and that is not a hard replacement. B&W's are still seriously great machines well able to handle todays software including OSX.

?My 2 centavos worth.


07-23-2002, 09:38 AM
Follow up: So far so good! Haven't replaced the ZIf yet.
Thaks for the help.