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06-28-2002, 09:10 PM
Like an idiot, I've left SCSI behind, and gone IDE with my 2002 QS 733.

I got a SIIG Raid card, and a pair of IBM 120GXPs (which apparantly don't have the heat problems that the 75GXPs had), and set up the hardware RAID.

The OSX boot partition is first, then the storage partion, the the 9.2.2 partition.

Here's the wierd problem:
I CCCloned my stock drive onto the new OSX partition
It boots, but not without a broken folder.
It doesn't broken folder and hang, it goes:
Happy Mac, broken folder, welcome to OSX.

It also takes longer to boot than the stock drive.

This isn't the computer looking for the drive, as I get a half second of folder before the Happy Mac.

I thought it might be the OS, so I reinstalled/updated to current.

Any thoughts?

07-01-2002, 08:35 PM

?Try a Open Firmware reset. Hold down the Command+Option+O+F keys. At the '>' prompt type:

Hit Return
Hit Return and you will resume startup.

?I am running a B&W with the Acard Hardware RAID as its only hard drives, OSX boots fine. My 867 has a Siig in it with two Barracudas and I have OSX Server on the RAID, again with never a problem. I don't think the RAID should be the cause of your difficulties.

?I am not sure if I can count the number of ways a CCC cloning can leave links and resources in a not exactly correct configuration. If you have already done the complete reinstall off of a CD then that shouldn't be the issue either.

?That leaves us OpenFirmware and PRAM/NVRAM settings as well as the Index on your drive. Maybe a good house cleaning with Disk Warrior?

?Off hand all I can think of, I'll keep thinking if that doesn't do it.


07-01-2002, 08:37 PM

?One other thought, is the OS on the RAID the only OS on your drives? You don't still have the 75GXP on the ATA66 motherboard bus with OSX still installed? If so, you could be booting off of the 75GXP after the boot fails on the RAID.

?Just a thought.


07-05-2002, 09:06 PM

Thanks for the hints. The problem disappeared after I made a rare trip into 9.

But, a new and far more ominous problem have appeared. Since you use the SIIG to boot, I wonder if you can try to replicate this:

I am experiencing this exact problem under 10.1.5, with the SIIG to the 2x120GXP RAID. I have removed the ATTO UL3D from the mix, but the problem persists. The machine has a Radeon 7500 AGP, a Radeon 7000 PCI, and the SIIG. It has 1.5 GB PC133 CL3 RAM. The partitions are 1. 60GB boot volume 2. 160GB storage volume 3. 10GB 9.2.2 Volume.

The KP is about 75% reproducible.

Any thoughts?

07-06-2002, 01:59 PM
Hey Chris,

?That sounds like a serious BAD news repeatable problem. I have absolutely no idea how to make my 867 do it though. I have yet to ever have a kernel panic with the 867. I did have one on the B&W the first time I installed OSX on the Acard, but I also had the B&W with its at the time xlr8 500G3 overclocked to 550. The overclock was fine in OS9 but OSX was much more demanding. Putting the zif back to 500 resolved all the issues.

?I don't own any 3DFX cards and can't repro that portion of the event. I have run with the Geforce3 (OEM)AGP card and a Radeon PCI Mac edition installed, not very long but I didn't have issues there either.

?On the other hand I have seen MANY issues from the first time you allow OSX and its installer access your OS9 volumes. Makes me wonder if there might be a link in there. I would never be afraid to do a Open Firmware reset. And I run DW frequently. It seems I get a couple of errors to repair every time I do run DW after a couple of weeks of operation.

?I run my computer 24/7. Is it possible that some of this comes from rebooting everyday? I keep my Classic Resources on their own partition, I never allow OSX to access my OS9 volume for its Classic OS. I still need CLassic now and then just for printer and scanner drivers/applications, support from Canon, Epson, HP and so on for OSX has been pitiful!

?Virtually every professional who has worked with Unix systems agrees that the less you boot the OS the better off you are. I'm not sure yet whether to agree with that or not, but I have always agreed with the theory that hardware lasts longer when left running. Again, unprovable by the average user. I am most comfortable (and lazy) sticking with the 24/7 operations method.

?From what I hear there is monitoring of Apple's forum by Apple's employees. I have also been told that Apple monitors other forums such as this one relatively closely. I would guess that Apple has paid very close attention to your forum thread with its kernel panic irrespective of what Apple's so called AppleCare 2nd level tech support yo-yo had to say. AppleCare and Engineering/Development are VERY much two different things entirely. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if Apple actually farms out the AppleCare support to other companies. Tech support being what it is (or isn't) if I were you I would not weight what second hand information comes from that source.

?I am glad that I don't share your kernel panic issue. I wouldn't wish that on a PC user. The only consistent problem I have had with my computer is crashing the window manager, which leaves me unable to do any kind of restart even via terminal, I have to do a hard restart which I HATE. It has to do with the modem or with the Internet Connect application and it has followed all the upgrades from 10.0.4 through 10.1.5. Might be a firmware problem, something like that. I have yet to KP my Quicksilver so I guess I'm not much help with this.