View Full Version : Choppy Video - Caused by Tempo ATA/100?

06-06-2002, 09:42 PM
I'm running OS 9.2.2 on a rev. 1 B&W G3 w/ 704 MB or RAM. I'm curious if anybody has experienced choppy video when using Quicktime. The choppiness manifests by causing a quick pause or hiccup about every two seconds of video. This choppiness has occured whether viewing a Quicktime stream (through high speed cable modem), when playing a VCD or when simply playing a complete MPG or other video file from my hard drive. Interestingly I notice the same choppiness (same pace and frequency) in the visual display for itunes. The music seems to be playing without interruption but the visual display has the same choppiness. I'm running my OS and apps on a 60 Gig IBM 60GXP hard drive which is connected to a Sonnet Tempo ATA/100. I've tried different versions of quicktime as well as experimenting with other extensions and memory allocation but nothing seems to make a difference. However, if I boot my system with the stock 6 Gig Quantum (still attached directly to the motherboard on the primary IDE channel) the video problems go away. This leads me to believe that either the IBM drive or the Tempo is causing the problem. I'm considering finding another drive to attach to the Tempo, load the OS and see if the problem is reproducable. Tech support at Sonnet wasn't too helpful - they basically said I'd have to try a different drive before they might take a look at the card as an RMA. They also suggested the Tempo AV tool, even though it's designed for Pre-G3 macs (the program won't run on my G3). I was hoping somebody has some insight before I go through some drive swappage. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.