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04-11-2002, 01:41 PM
I recently purchased a bare-bones mac 9500. I pull my hard drives and interface cards, which includes a Sonnet ATA 66 card doe use with this machine. I would like to use an IDE CD or CD-RW with this machine. What brand ide-CD drives will work on a mac. I know sonnet does not support using removeable media, however, they have not tested removable media with this card. I have seen the ACARD oem that sonnet uses advertised elsewhere saying that it is compatible with IDE based cd drives.

04-11-2002, 02:35 PM
Most any CD-RW will work if you can find a third party driver. What this means is you find out if FWB CD-ToolKit or Intech Speedtools support the drive your interested in. You will also need burner software like Toast if you get a burner.

One thing to keep in mind is that when you change to a non-Apple ROM'd CD-Whatever you will no longer be able to do a startup by holding down the C key. That key specifically aims the boot at SCSI bus 1 and ID#3. If you move to a IDE drive yu will not be able to do that.

One of the easiest ways to add a CD Burner is to add a USB Firewire PCI card and add the burner externally. Then you can install a Apple ROM'd CD-Rom internally in its normal SCSI position and still retain the usefulness of your emergency startup keys. Apple ROM' d CDs are cheap. You can find some at: http://www.tdcurran.com/TDC/Results.tpl?cart=310136933254669&category=CD-ROMs&startat=1 (http://www.tdcurran.com/TDC/Results.tpl?cart=310136933254669&category=CD-ROMs&startat=1)

The gurus sell Firewire Burners that come with toast. They sell the firewire USB cards also. Check em out at: http://www.macgurus.com/shoppingcart/showrampage.cgi?ezquest.html

This stuff rocks. It will work perfectly on your new 9500. Having a separate CD-Rom from your burner means you can copy CDs on the fly without having to make a disk image first, cool.

Hope that helps some.


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04-11-2002, 09:05 PM

Correct me if I am wrong, but the 9500 has a hardware rom and like all old Macs it will boot from damn near anything. I believe that this Mac should boot from an ATA cd drive BUT you are correct that the C key will not work. Command option shift delete should work though as well as the startup disk control panel..

Any thoughts?

04-11-2002, 11:06 PM
Yes, the CD would be bootable, but only as a bootable device. Rick's point was that the 'C' boot feature would not function. Command-Option-Shift-Delete would work only if there are no other bootable devices previous in the scan sequence other than the designated boot drive. Yes, the Startup Disk control panel would also work, but I consider that option a little more than a PITA... Peronally, I would recommend keeping a SCSI CD drive internally on the 9500 and reserve the IDE card for fixed drives only. With 6 slots available, a Firewire card is a great solution for adding an external CD/RW drive.