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03-03-2002, 02:27 PM
I used the 9.x CD to startup my new QS 733. Then copied all the System folder, Apps and data from the 733's main/original startup disk/HD I was using. Moved things folder by folder - copied super fast to another drive on the 733. I am now using "the transfered data" as my startup disk everything seems to be working fine.

I would like to pull everything off my 7500 via my router network - into one partition on the 733. Then initialize and clean install the 7500 - and put most things back on. If I startup the 7500 from a OS 9.x disk and transfer data things should work fine right?

This won't work or will it? If using the CD to startup the 7500 is there enough there to allow me to connect both computers. I have all the install disks - maybe better just grab the data files, prefs.....

Any concerns? Comments.
Thanks, Randy

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03-03-2002, 03:12 PM
Sounds find to me - just as if you had pulled the whole drive from the 7500 (well the important bits) burnt a CD of it, and then plopped it all back on to your 7500 via the CD.

If you have a 10/100 router, then you'll be getting at best 10 MB/s out of your network - your 7500's stock Ethernet is only 10 - so you can only transfer as fast as the network.


03-03-2002, 06:06 PM

Another one of those things where the reality is simpler than the way we all talk about it.(took me a long time to see that) When you mount the 7300s hard drive on your QS via ethernet there is no real difference between the way you can interact with that drive and one mounted locally via your PCI card bus. It's just slower.

Once a network drive is mounted, whether from the 7300 on ethernet or your iDisk over internet, it gets treated the same as local disks for copying and access. Again, just slower.

You can install and run the system folder over the ethernet connection to your 7300 as well. It'll show up in Startup Drive as 'Network Disk'.

Go for it, it's a great way to backup your files. I use Switchback to backup my essentials automatically every night to my other computer.


BTW, this works so well that if I boot in OSX on my B&W I can login to my users folder from the Quicksilver and it is exactly the same desktop and files and everything that I would have if I was sitting at the Quicksilver. Awesome.