View Full Version : Please put together an IDE upgrade for my G3

02-02-2002, 01:14 AM
Hi. I have ordered with MacGurus before and I have complete confidence in your service and so I hope this isn't very lazy of me, but I'm hoping you can recommend a HD upgrade for my G3 233 desktop beige (Rev 2 I think), and I'll just go with your recommendations. I already have a Seagate SCSI installed, but it is not connected anymore (though it still sits in there), because I recently installed an OrangePC card, which is incompatible with bridge cards, so I had to remove my OrangeMicro SCSI card. (I only use that drive for video editing so I just swap the cards when I need one or the other.)
Well anyway, now I have run out of free space on my original internal 4GB drive, and I was wondering if it is possible to install a third internal drive in my Mac? I need to go with an IDE since I cannot use a SCSI card. A 40GB is more than enough space for me. If you can send me your recommendations of what I should order, including the accessories I'll need for installation, I can just place the order on the website.
Thanks for your help.

02-02-2002, 02:33 PM
Hi ya Bowen,
First, you can't go wrong with a Barracuda IV ATA100 hard drive. They are quiet and awesomely reliable. Not to mention cool which matters as you fill up that Beige box.

I have not worked in a Beige desktop before and don't know where an available spot would be to mount a third drive. That will be the big question as far as cabling goes. Your rev2 will support a slave so you need to install the new drive on a 3 connector/80wire and 40 pin IDE cable. (the extra 40 wires are grounds). Optimum is to have the drive on the end of the data cable configured as the master, you can choose either drive it doesn't matter even which has the system folder in it.

Make sure that your old drive is configured as Master and the new as Slave. (or vice-versa) Some drives have a configuration as Single and that will need to be changed if you add a drive.

Figure out where your going to install the new drive and how long the cable needs to be and the drive and cable are the only puchases you need to make. Unless the original factory cable is 2 device and will attach to where you mount the new drive, in that case just the drive will do.