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01-24-2002, 11:23 PM
I am drooling over the new Acard ATA133 RAID (hardware) PCI cards, and I wonder if it is even worth it on the Beige G3 (rev. B)? I assume I will get a performance boost from the internal bus, but will the performance be any better than an ATA100 card which is much cheaper?

Thanks in advance. This is a great site.

01-25-2002, 12:40 AM
Hi grendel
The difference is double. Almost exactly. The ATA133 is awesome performance for the price. On my B&W, which has the same memory controller as your Beige I got pretty amazing numbers with IBM 60GXP drives.

These are the numbers for one drive on the ATA133 card:
Peak Read Peak Write
88.68 mb/s 46.01 mb/s

Sustained Read Sustained Write
37.98 mb/s 37.95 mb/s


Acard ATA133 HardRaid
2 by IBM 60GXP 60gig ATA100
120gigabyte RAID0 Volume.
Test is run at 8mb transfer size.


Peak Read Peak Write
90.11 mb/s 48.07 mb/s

Sustained Read Sustained Write
70.30 mb/s 48.00 mb/s


The cheapest and fastest drive upgrade available today. You will actually see much better write performance on your Beige, it doesn't have the ceiling on write through-put that the B&W is saddled with. It's almost impossible to get past 50mb/second with a B&W. I would guess that your write performance would closely match the read, maybe just a liitle behind.


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01-31-2002, 10:01 PM
Would the end user note a great difference in user "friendly-ness"? I had assumed that the beige would be restricted by it's bus spd. but with read writes like those there must be a noticeable difference. My Acard/Sonnet 66 (6260/Tempo Ultra 66)) has a peak read of 56.71 & write of 51.39 with sust'd reads of 26.21 and writes of 25.42 (using 8mb transfer packets as assesed by "Atto" Express Tools).

A note of interest...when I first got this controller I struggled to get it to work with removeable media devices (i.e cd/rw) to no avail. I was using a rom bios as provided by Sonnet (3.12) as the card was "theirs". However, the newish rom bios (3.21) provided by Acard (the real manufacturer of the Sonnet Tempo Ultra 66) has now allowed me to use the Sony 145 cdrw with the card. So...Do you think the 133 version would support removable media devices?

01-31-2002, 11:04 PM
Hey g,
'So...Do you think the 133 version would support removable media devices?'
If your talking about the raid card than absolutely not. When you turn on the raid there needs to be equal drives(in fact best is same model drives) on both channels. Those drives get raided, period.

The beige G3 will kick butt on the B&W for top end write performance from the ATA133 raid, no doubt. Great card for your computer.

'but will the performance be any better than an ATA100 card which is much cheaper?'

The ATA100 will come nowhere near the ATA133 raid (about 1/2). BUT, the ATA100 will get nearly the same performance from todays drives as the ATA66 you already have. Unless your willing to purchase the new Western Digital Special Edition drives with the 8mb cache I don't think a drive will show any improvement on the ATA100 bus over the ATA66 bus except in burst read/write. A very limited percentage of the overall performance rating of a drive.

A couple of articles on the ATA133 raid at: http://www.barefeats.com/hard21.html http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/IDE/IDE_RAID/acard_ata133_raid_report.html


02-01-2002, 01:46 AM
Huh...why will the beige Gs get more outuf a 133 then a B&W?

Still curious as to if the nonraid 133 controllers will support removeable media devices? I'm off to Acard's site to read their info..

02-01-2002, 02:09 AM

Non raid ATA133 will support some removables. The big question is why you would put a very slow device on a very fast bus? There isn't a common removable made that's fast enough to saturate the ATAPI bus on your G3 (ATA3). CD-Roms,Burners,Tape, all are slower than snails. It is possible that a fast bus host card will have trouble with a dog-slow removeable, I have never tried it. The ATAPI bus spec was specifically designed to enable IDE bus's to work with removeables. The only good reason to install a fast ATA133 card or Ultra160 (or 320) host card in scsi is for speed on hard drives. For anything else like removeables, scannners, printers, cameras, slow stuff like that should go on the slow buses.

The reason you'll get better performance out of the Beige G3 with a RAID is that the B&W, which has the same memory controller, has a nasty bug in the PCI bus that limits write performance to 50 MB/sec and the Beige doesn't. Been fighting that stupid limit seems like forever. Cuts my raid write performance almost in half with the ATA133 raid and does cut it in half with a UL3D scsi raid.

You will not have that problem with the Beige.

Depending on what type of programs you run on your G3 a raid0 striped hard drive array can really increase your whole computers performance. If your tired of long progress bars with Photoshop..voila' raid will help. It will not help much with apps like games that store most of themselves in ram to operate, there it will only help with load and save times.

Hope this helps some.


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