View Full Version : Maxtor DiamondMax 60 UDMA/100 Power Cycling Issue

11-11-2001, 07:58 AM
Greetings, has anyone hacked a Mac version of Maxtor's WVSET program for adjusting write verify modes for the DiamondMax UDMA series drives? I installed a 30gig unit in my G4 MP 450 as a slave and it powers down at odd times (usually when it's needed) which causes delays. I can boot with the drive and it mounts fine. Would it be better to use this drive as primary (master) which should keep it from spinning down as it would be in use most of the time? All and any assistance appreciated, thank you.


11-11-2001, 12:56 PM

I read the stuff on what WVSET does but what I don't see is how it would prevent your Maxtor drive from powering down while the G4 is up and running. Maybe I missed something.

I'm thinking it could be a sleep issue, Energy Saver control panel, or the molex 4-pin not all the way in or something in that cable intermittent.

What is it in WVSET you see that would prevent spin down? k

11-11-2001, 09:55 PM
I thought maybe the software would allow turning the cycling off. Found the Energy Saver in the disabled control panel set, put it where it belongs and so far no more problems. Thanks.