View Full Version : Installing OS X.1 on a 3rd party ATA/IDE Drive????

10-29-2001, 02:16 PM
I trying to install OS X.1 on a Blue and White G3 with an Apple installed internal zip and DVDROM. I also removed the original Quantum 6GB ATA drive and replaced it with a Quantum 60 GB ATA drive.

I'm having problems installing OS X.1 on the new hard drive. I was able to install X.1 on the original drive. The new drive is initialized and partitioned with the OS X.1. When I've partitioned the drive, I've tried to install OS X.1 on the first partition which is set for smaller than 8GB. The drive's jumpers have been set as "slave," "master," and "cable select." All third party cards and devices have been removed. I've left a third party 64MB RAM chip in because I've been told by Apple that I need 128 MB of RAM to install OS X.1.

Here's what happens: When I install X.1, I'm told that the installation has been successful. On rebooting, the computer give me various Kernal Trap Error messages.

10-29-2001, 02:41 PM
It sounds like the 8GB partition didn't actually get setup as the first partition. What software was used to initialize the drive. What was the actual size the first partition was set to? I normally recommend setting it to 8000MB which is actually 7.8GB, leaving 192MB of the initial 8GB space for boot and driver partitions (more than enough). I also recommend using Apple's Drive Setup if at all possible. HD Speedtools may work okay for OS X, but FWB will not work at all.