View Full Version : IDE, IDs, and Bays, oh my!

09-21-2001, 04:04 PM
Hey ya'll, this is my first post in a lil bit. And heres my query:

1)I recently deciced to kaput my old poor 6400, after the fan starting making humming noises and kept me up all night, and then finally the plastic casing completly snapped off...poor feller. Anyway, I my used AIO, the zip drive was broken, so I took the internal one that was in the 6400 out, and put it in the AIO(replaced the broken one). It fits, and all, but it doesn't work. All it has is a little blinking yellow light inside. I'm guessing this is an ID problem with the jumpers on the back, any idea as to what these should be?

2)I also took the upgraded 6gb hard drive out of it. Is there any way I could say put this in one of my front bays(Either take over the ZIp which I don't use, or the floppy). It looks like it would fit with no problem.

3)I also have the old 4gb that use to be in the 6400, can i do anything with that too?

thanks in advance!