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08-16-2001, 02:43 AM

I bought a Sonnet Tempo (ATA/66 PCI card) for a PM7500 to use a pair of laptop drives from upgraded PowerBooks. Yes, I have adapters for the 2.5" drives on a desktop controller, and yes, I did jumper one drive to be a slave with the other as master. In fact the setup worked for many months in the 7500 with MacOS 8.6 through 9.1, demonstrating compatability with a Delta IO SPDIF card and an ATI Mach 64 video card.

Yet now after a month's inactivity on the PM7500, the drives won't power up, both failing simultaneously. The platter motors appear not to spin up, and no drives appear on the SCSI bus.
- The Tempo controller still appears as expected (as a SCSI bus) under SCSI Probe and Apple Drive Setup.
- Both drives operate individually as expected on a 20th Anniversary Mac, a ThinkPad, and a Pismo.
- Neither drive works individually in the 7500 regardless of the power connector used. My SCSI drives operate just fine on the same 7500 power cables.
- I replaced the ATA ribbon cable to no avail, on the off chance that there were control signals that were shorted by a fold in the original cable.
- I upgraded the ACARD Firmware (after the failure) in case there was a 9.1 incompatability.
- I've zapped PRAM about a dozen times.

...To no avail. I can't figure where the problem lies.

The only factor I can think to contribute towards failure is a brief affair with this Tempo in a Mobility Electronics PCI expansion chassis, but I believe the drives worked at least once _after_ the chassis fiasco [I returned the Mobility chassis for refund, as it was incompatible with _all_ my PCI cards, but that's another story]. FWIW the Tempo was never recognzed by the chassis---to the extreme surprise of the Mobility tech suport team, who had apparently used Tempo cards successfully! Yet if the Tempo is still recognized on my PM7500, I'm skeptical that it's been static shocked into un-usability during its affair with the Mobility chassis.

I'm hungry for suggestions. Note that I do not wish to purchase another ATA drive for testing--it's not worth it to me to spend the money. However, If you live in the SF Bay area, for a free lunch or similar incentive, I would love to arrange to test another Macintosh or hard drive with my Tempo.


my free 7500 is nickel-and-diming me to death.

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