View Full Version : sled for Seagate ST32132A medalist 2132

08-08-2001, 01:25 PM
I am in desperate need of the sled (metal plate that goes on bottom of drive) for this hard drive. I have a Mactell XB 203/MT
specs at http://www.everymac.com/systems/mactell/xb/xb203_mt.html

The Medalist 2132 was the original drive which disappeared and I wanted to replace it. I got another Seagate which was just a tad bigger and shaped differently. My sled would not fit on it and I "butchered" it in the process of trying to use it.

I can find these drives without a problem, but don't want to put it in without sled. The fit is very tight; newer larger capacity drives are just bigger and flat flush on the sideswhereas the ST32132A indents on the sides.
Height (inches/mm): 1.00/25.4
Width (inches/mm): 4.00/101.6
Depth (inches/mm): 5.75/146.1
Weight (lbs/kg): 1.25/0.57

I can send a picture through regular email if anyone wants one.