View Full Version : Yamaha EZ2100CDRW and G3 tower

04-10-2001, 09:49 PM
I recently purchased and installed the Yamaha EZ2100 CDRW (IDE) in the second bay of my beige G3 tower (266MHz upgraded to Sonnet G4 400MHzcard). I haven't been able to get the adaptec toast software (4.1.2) to see the drive.
What is the original configuration of these machines (HD on one ribbon, oem CD-rom on second?) I didn't make notes of these things and its driving me crazy. I currently have it configed as hd on one ribbon, the other 2 CDs on second ribbon with OEM cd as master and Yamaha as slave. I am running OS 9.0.4

04-10-2001, 11:35 PM
From the Apple System Profiler, the HD was on ATA 0 and the CD was on ATA 1. If you have a Rev A (ROM subversion 4.0F2) the machine won't recognize a slave drive.

04-11-2001, 12:14 AM
I suppose that it depends on the revision of your G3 MT. If it is a Beige G3 266 MT you can identify what revision it is buy a) opening the box and looking for the ATI chip on the mob. Revison A machines (like mine) seem to have the Rage11+ chip built in...and b) useing Appple System Profiler...check under product info. and rev A machines have rom revision: $77D.40F2.

If your machine is rev. A it will not support master-slave configs... Only one IDE drive per bus ("ribbon") no matter what cddrive you install.

If your machine supports master-slave designation then I would check in with Roxio.com and see if it a supported drive. While at the Roxio site I did not find a listing noted for the Yamaha "EZ2100" but a "2100E" is listed as supported from 4.1.1.

Other things to consider might include the extension set you are using. At times the Toast extensions "conflict" with other media extensions. On my G3 I have created multiple extension sets (useing the EXt. Mngr conjtrol panel) and have one specifically for using toast (ie the OSystem minus cd drivers from other programs (ie iTunes) + the Toast Software...). Driver conflict created big hassles for me but I have it down now with this rig ( I have a Sony CD-RW CRX145E).

Check with Yamaha about the need update the firmware for your cdplayer/recorder Also OS 8.6 is required. I just did a quick cruise throught he Yamaha web site and could not find a firmware flash for the Mac. and your cd-rw. ...maybe a deaper look is required.

One other thing might be to flash the PRAM after installation.

Oh, can apple system profiler "see" it? Can Drive Setup find it? Can iTunes?