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03-29-2001, 04:05 PM
Hey all,

So I've got my little C500/180 here with it's stock 2.1gb Western Digital drive. I'd like to speed that thing up, so I was thinking install a 7200rpm drive.

I suspect the IDE controller in the C500 kinda sucks. But shouldn't I get some speed improvement just because the new drive is 7200rpm? I don't have any PCI slots to spare to install a new SCSI or IDE if....

Does the C500 have any problems with really large size drives? (like a 60gb or something?)

Thanks much!


03-29-2001, 04:14 PM
Oh, another few questions.

Can I install two IDE devices on the C500's IDE bus? I'm considering an IDE CD-RW in place of the SCSI 8x that's in there now.

Would that IDE CD-RW (or a SCSI CD-RW for that matter) even burn a CD without crapping out all the time on such a slow box?

I guess I could see doing a SCSI CD-RW, then a 7200rpm IDE hard drive. I'm planning on doing the ixMicro 8MB PCI video card in one slot, and I've got an Asante 10MB ethernet card in the other. All I would then need is a Sonnet L2 G3-400 upgrade, two 64MB RAM chips and I'd maybe have a decent box.....

Any general thoughts on my proposed upgrade? Should I just save a few bucks more and get a G4?


03-29-2001, 04:42 PM
The C500 can only control one EIDE drive. It has one EIDE bus, and that bus does not support a slave drive, so only one drive on that bus.

You shouldn't have any problem putting a large modern drive on that bus, though. However, transferring your data from your old IDE drive to the new one can be dicey, since you can only have one connected to the computer at a time.

Yes, the IDE in that machine is a little slow by today's standards--16 MB/s I believe. However, that is probably much faster than the hard drive that came with it, so you will probably see an improvement in performance with any modern EIDE drive. You should not have problems using the large 60 - 80 GB drives if you wish.

I think the C500 has some kind of COMM Slot (a Comm Slot II perhaps?) into which you could install an ethernet card. A Comm Slot II ethernet card would be relatively expensive, but it would free up a PCI slot for something else. I believe that Asante and Farallon both have models that fit the Comm Slot II.

If you want to get really radical, you can search for a C600 riser card. Your PCI slots are on a riser card. The C500 and C600 use the same motherboard, but the C600's riser card has at least one more PCI slot than the C500. The problem with this plan, is that the C600 riser card is taller, and probably would not fit in the C500 case, at which point you'd need a different case and the whole thing becomes much more complex.

03-29-2001, 08:53 PM
Check this EIDE/ATA drive compatibility data base http://forums.xlr8yourmac.com/drivedb/search.drivedb.lasso .