View Full Version : IBM Deskstar 75GXP Ultra ATA/66 & B/W G3 Rev 1 SCSI

Gary P
03-26-2001, 03:47 AM
I just found out that my 2nd drive, an IBM Deskstar 75GXP Ultra ATA/66 attached to the previously unused motherboard ATA (33) buss, will not function as a boot drive, although it worked well as a storage drive! This came about when I migrated to OS 9.1 on the IBM drive in order to erase my factory SCSI drive in preparation for installing OS X. Now, the computer was choking on the data stream when performing processor-intensive tasks in Photoshop. It would bog (watch cursor stopped spinning), then freeze. At first, I suspected OS 9.1, but saw no similar complaints on any of the boards I read. To check it out, I installed another copy of 9.1 on my erased & reformatted factory SCSI drive, and pounded away on Photoshop to my heart's content (repeatedly modifying a complex selection in a large file, and then spraying it with a 999 pixel airbrush!) . This gave the poor G3 processor all it could handle, & it took a long time, but the watch cursor never stopped spinning. So I'll need to get a PCI controller card for my Deskstar. This card will need to be guaranteed to work with OS X, as well. Any suggestions appreciated!