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07-12-2001, 09:24 AM
I first found this site about a year ago and I purchased Softraid and have been extremely happy. I do DV editing with Final Cut Pro 2.0 as a hobby and I'm sort of a Mac nut. I need some advice and the benefit of your experience, so here goes. I have probably more money than sense but I like to do things 'right" or at least informed.

Background: My current setup is a Mac G4 500Mhz AGP with 1.5 GB Ram. I have the original Apple SCSI drive 18GB Quantum Atlas 10K 68pin with the factory ATTO dual SCSI card. I also have two internally mounted IBM 18GB 7200rpm UltraWide2 UltraStar harddrives in a Softraid 2.2.2 array. I also have two Seagate Ultra160 10K 68pin Cheetah drives ST318404LW in a dual external enclosure (ClubMAC)

My question is my main Quantum drive is cluttered, I have 6 partitions and I need to repartition and move stuff, also I have stuff on the two raids that I would like to make DV capture only. I was told by an Apple support that I can add a fourth internal ATA drive to the G4. I am considering putting a 60MB 60GXP or (SEAGATE recommendation) in the third internal bay above the one of the IBM drives. Is this advisable considering heat etc.

Alternatively, though more expensively, I thought I might replace the 18Gb Quantum with a 36GB 10K drive and move the 18GB to an external enclosure, and may even get a second 18GB Quantum (say it ain't so Joe!) but finding another Atlas might be difficult, how crazy or what trouble am I looking for combining the Atlas with an Atlas II or even III 160 10K drive. And for space reasons put all four drives, 2 Seagate's and 2 quantum's in a quad case, or am I again asking for trouble with lots of drives in one enclosure. Two external cases would be more flexible but also slightly cumbersome.

I realize the ATA drive addition is the cheapest way to go, but I may also want to upgrade my Quantum 10K drive anyway for increased speed and its my hobby so I have to spend money on something.

I would appreciate your insights, warnings and advice. Much appreciated.

08-09-2001, 01:19 AM
Howdy Dial, I'll throw a couple cents at your post, and hopefully one of the moderators will chime in whenever they get unburied.

So far as putting one of the ATA drives in the available bay above those toasty IBM's......what kind of cooling do you have in your case now? Keep that case cool. One of the Guru's can tell you with certainty, but if you mount that drive above the IBM drive and the IBM isn't cooled, it may be too hot for the ATA. An axiom for all of us........."Heat is Bad", unless it's between consenting adults, which is another matter.

There is no reason to run your machine warm.......buy auxiliary cooling. A small price to pay for the reliability afforded from having cooler components.

So far as striping a RAID volume with your 18GB quantom, you might get away with it, but I'd bet good money the guys at MacGurus would never even consider it. When RAID fails, your data integrity is based on whether you have a backup. Running unmatched drives increases the likelyhood of problems.

Assuming you were to put 4 drives in one enclosure, absolutely no problemo, presuming you do it right. Check out the RAID enclosures here at MacGurus, and the peerless "Roll Your Own RAID" tutorial put together by Magician and company. It is a must read if you want to build your own.

Cooling and power supply issues would be resolved by buying a RAID enclosure from the Gurus.

FWIW, I would just buy some matched drives instead of fartin with that lone quantum. You say this is your hobby? Before you pull the Quantum, reformat it, load your preffered OS and whatever pertinent utilities/drivers, and store it for a rainy day. Chances are good you'll come up with a use for it at some point, and if you do, it's ready to go.

My 2.........have fun whatever you do.


Dave aka c8

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