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07-05-2001, 11:56 AM

Just a quick note: the rep I have at Sweetwater Music (Matthew Craig, www.sweetwater.com) (http://www.sweetwater.com)) has told me about a new card made by TC Electronic.

It's called 'Powercore' and is a PCI DSP card that offloads processing from the CPU (thus freeing up CPU resources from computation-intensive effects processing, etc.). Those of you in audio know that TC Electronic is one of the premiere effects manufacturers (in particular for mastering, compression, etc.). I've appended what was sent to me below. For the record, the card is not yet listed on their (US) web site http://www.tcelectronic.com, but rather on their German web site http://www.tcworks.de


Anyone using a MOTU system or any VST system (like Cubase or Logic) is going to love this. Essentially it is the same as the "TC Tools" plug in for ProTools TDM systems... also future plug ins & some of TC's other software will work with this card. It is a PCI card that supplies DSP - here is some more from their website:

TC POWERCOREs signal processing power transforms all VST-compatible recording environments into professional high performance audio workstations, freeing up precious CPU performance resources.

TC POWERCORE employs no less than 5 discrete processors:
A PowerPC and 4 Motorola 56K DSPs for an unparalleled performance and flexibility providing up to 24/96 audio and double-precision processing!

TC POWERCORE provides more DSP Power than any computer that is currently available. One card supplies the user with 400 DSP MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second) of sheer power. One DSP Instruction, or cycle, is capable of loading 2 data items, fetching the next processor instruction and performing a combined multiplication and addition (multiply-add) all at the same time!

A current G4 on the other hand, requires at least 4 7 cycles to perform this operation in a best-case scenario if the data is not in the computers cache, which is to be expected, the factor is up to 100 times worse.

Also, the current CPUs theoretical power is reduced by the relatively slow memory used.


Get more out of the system you already own TC POWERCORE adds incredible power to your existing work environment: It works with all VST/MAS-capable applications (like Logic, Nuendo, Spark, Digital Performer or Cubase) and any sound system supported by the software. Simply plug in and enjoy!


TC POWERCORE gives you world class Reverb, Modulation FX and EQ right out of the box! The renowned TC Tools studio-quality FX package is bundled with the card. Now TC Mega Reverb, TC Chorus/Delay and TC EQSat Plug-Ins are accessible from inside your favorite VST-compatible recording application but of course running on the card, not your CPU!
And TC POWERCORE has so much processing power, that one complete set of TC TOOLS Plug-Ins (MegaReverb, Chorus/Delay and EQ) only requires one DSP to run! That leaves 3 more DSPs available for other Hi-End FX!

SparkLe is the bundle version of Spark, TC WORKS FX processing and mastering application for MAC OS. If you only expected a Lite version, think again: Sparkle supports 24/96,VST Plug-Ins, includes a native mastering limiter, delay line and EQ, realtime crossfades, etc., etc.! And if you want even more power an upgrade path to Spark is included as well!

TC POWERCORE is an open processing platform many more Plug-Ins will follow, also by well-known 3rd party developers. TC WORKS doesnt believe in vaporware, so we have decided to not announce that there is a scent of planned products in the air by X,Y or Z you expect reliable information from us, and thats what youre gonna get. So: more details on the companies planning support for the card and their products will follow shortly!