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07-03-2001, 05:59 AM
I use a 2gb jaz with so many cartridges that I'm sick of seeing it ask for two at the same time (is there a control that get's it to quit whatever old app and file it's holding when you ask for another dif app and file to be opened ? Example :- one file is open (on jaz) and you're working so fast you've totally forgotten about this - then you click on an item in recent docs and the jaz pops out and a message on screen is displayed "please insert jaz (different jaz)" as you reach for the new jaz another message pops up telling you to re-insert the first jaz..invariably, the machine crashes at this point.

07-03-2001, 07:23 AM
It sounds like you may need to off load some of your JAZZ files onto the HD to work on. The Mac will track and know where the files are.

If you are talking about the message box that insists on getting a certain disk, you can eventually kill this with a command . (period).

I suppose you could get two JAZZ drives.

I've never seen a crash with this, but I have seen the Mac flip-flop between disks. Its a bit crazy and its been an 'issue' from DAY ONE. Again you can kill this with a command period. The convention that can help is to UNMOUNT the disk imagine. In the old day there was no unmounting... there would be a 'ghost' of the floppy, CD, etc... usually killing this ghost would stop it from the flip-flop, but you normally want to kill the ghost before it starts asking.

2GB drives are not all that big any more. Both my main maichines have about 100GB of total HD space. HDs are cheap!

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