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06-09-2001, 03:28 PM
Hey all,

A lot of questions for my first posting, so pardon the ramble.

I am an audio artist, just getting into video and have just purchased a
G4 533 dual. I'm looking now very intensively on workdrive
options. (I've already taken the gurus advice and gone for the external
EZquest firewire for storage).

My first project is an hour long. One 75 GB IDE drive would probably
suit me fine, in terms of space. Since I need to have the entire project
on my workdrive at all times (as I work in a very non-linear way),
workspace is an issue. But I have heard mixed opinions as to IDE drives'
ultimate reliability.

LVD SCSI is a very attractive option, and I have had the Seagate 15K
recommended to me by several audio artists/composers...the downside is
that it's only 18 GB per drive. I would need at least 2 for my hour of
video work. Even if I go for the Miles2, the end result still amounts to
a ton of money. But I am prepared to go for it if IDE is really not a
workable and reliable solution in the end.

What is your experience with filmmakers needs and how they are best met
with the current technology?

And if IDE 75GB is indeed workable for video, which is best out of
Maxtor, SEagate and IBM?

If I go with IDE, do I need to purchase an extra card? or just the drive(s)
(one or two).

What is IDEs reliability vs. the built-in 40 GB Mac drive on my new 533

Finally, if I go for SEagate 30GB IDEs, can I stripe them so that I have
in effect 60 GBs of workable space for one project?

I'd appreciate any advice anyone can offer on these very crucial

Thanks and keep up the excellent work!

Marc Couroux

06-09-2001, 08:59 PM
mark, I'll let others defend and debate, but in your shoes, I would get the IBM 75GB.

stack it on top of your stock 40GB, and get your work underway.

if you decide you need a faster solution for rendering special effects, compression/decompression, then stuff a pair of X15's in there. Ideally, Seagate will release larger, faster X15's soon: a pair of 71GB X15's or even 36GB X15's would be very, very useful. I, too, find the 18GB a little smallish for use in pairs.

hope that helps!

06-11-2001, 12:19 PM
Ol Couroux,

I generally percieve Magicians advice as peerless, and this would be no exception. You can slave the 75GB drive to your 40GB, and you'd sure have a hell of a lot of storage.

If you decide down the road that you want to go faster, you can slap in LVD SCSI, and you'll still have your IDE drives for backups. The old axiom always seems to apply....the more space you have, the more you'll use.



06-22-2001, 12:06 AM
"What is your experience with filmmakers needs and how they are best met with the current technology?"

Unless you've got a bottomless pit of money, I'd stick with IDE's (especially the IBM's).

They're pretty cheap, and your machine already utilizes 'em.

Now, I can't get into the actual, jargon-laden specifics, (because I don't know all the terminology but I realize the basic ideology) so I'll tell you what little I know.

As you know already, film(video) takes up A LOT of space. Not only does just the actual footage take up huge amounts of space, so does all the ADR's, EDL's, Sound EFX, etc.

How the "pro's" handle the "VIDEO"-side of things, (remember, they've got the capital to pull this off) is through FibreChannel SAN's.

We're talking high througput (high dollar amount, did I mention that already???) and HUGE amounts of space. We're talking Terrabytes here, not GB's MB's or Bps.
Now, here's the catch though, for audio, they utilize a sort of server based, mass storage room (I don't know percentage's, but A LOT of these big wigs, DO NOT USE RAID FOR AUDIO. I forgot the reasoning as to why, but these guys are making six-figure yearly incomes, so they've gotta know at least a little about what they're talking about) with tons of HD Towers.

If you go to http://industryclick.com/magazine.asp?magazineid=141&siteid=15 (you might have to sign up, I can't remember) there's actually a couple of articles about studio networking this month. You could probably find out the "de-facto" primer on the whole Fibre-Channel/SAN thing somewhere there to.

Good luck, and if you want to email on anything in particular (I don't know your in's and outs, but I know somethings about audio for video even though it's not my particular category) or gimme a link to anything you've completed feel free to do so.


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