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05-23-2001, 05:44 PM
....up to a point-

The candidate: 7300, Sonnett g3 300/1MB cache, 224 MB Mem - All 60ns EDO (not interleaved because of the Sonnet), 4MB Vram, 0S9.1 (retail), Stock Matsushita CD, Stock 2 GB Quantum HD, Ext. SCSI Zip and Umax Scanner. 3 open PCI slots. Apple (HP) 4500 color style writer. (19 in. Sony, if anyone cares).

I am not a power user. I do WP, light SS, DataBase, Beginner Bitmap and lineart graphics. Most of this stuff is done for my wife's 3 preschools. Each month: 9 Newsletters, 9 calanders, certificates, brochures, Parent guides, instructional materials, bulletin board stuff, new website in the works,.etc.

I'm working on some instructional books, booklets and related materials for district wide use and possible sale (pipedream).

I think I need / want:
1.) Miles 2 and one Cheetah 9 or 18 gig LVD HD to be expanded to mirrored raid with a matching 10K Cheetah next month. Goal: foolproof backup that can be moved to a new machine in 18 months and still be viable. I am not interested in ide / ata (barring a compelling argument).

I'm using Zips for B/U now and can't stand the stress of even thinking about losing anything. Even though it's mundane stuff that I do compared to the rest of you, I sweat blood over it. - I may be marginally talented, but I'm slow. http://macgurus.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

2.) CDRW for archival B / U, at times to be transfered to an iMac 400 DV (9.0) and a B&W g3 300 (8.6) among other older Macs which are school machines -- # 1 Priority: Stability --

Question: Internal replacing the Matsushita? Or, if external firewire (which I lean toward) is the recomendation, does a stand alone firewire card have any stability advantages over a usb / firewire card?

I may be moving to a basic Black&White laser printer down the road as prices drop - or even color LW. Not a priority but an option.

What if my current 4500 gives up the ghost in the interim? There aren't any firewire printers that I can find except for an expensive epson. I'm not a fan of epson or their drivers. But that comes from some early usb issues with epsons and the B&W g3 and 1998 problems with epson drivers and the 7300. Not only that. but when I pick up the epson we're using at a couple of the schools, it just feels light and unsubstantial. (Now there's a rational reason).

Serial printers are few and far between from what I can tell.
Am I stuck with the usb (/firewire combo card) option? I really need advice here.

3.) Graphics accelerator to run the 19" Sony while I run my 15" Sony off the VRAM. Even I see the need for two moniters.
I am not a gamer. Well maybe Links (golf), F-18 Hornet, and Frogger.
Pretty wild, huh? It seems to me I'm looking at Radeon or Formac and leaning toward the latter.
Again, stability is king.

Any better use of the PCI slots?

I am and will be trying different illustrator and Web design programs to find somthing more sophisticated and useful than the rudimentary apps I'm using now but I can't see how that will make any difference in my hardware set up.

I'm a contractor / cabinetmaker and intimately understand price vs. value and long term costs of tools. It's seldom worth it to buy cheap.

Most, if not all of this stuff will be purchased from the 'Gurus, starting NOW wih the HD and SCSI card.

Looking forward to hearing from experts.


Geez, whatta windbag. Sorry for the length.

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05-23-2001, 06:25 PM
By the fact that you say you are not a power user and are doing word processing and page layout work i think you would be wise to listen to loiue when he suggests you look into a Miles bluenote card and a 18gig ultra narrow seagate for your I/O. It was discussed in great detail on the "rebecca" thread in "upgrade or buy new". Reading your entire letter it seems that you know your way around a computer and know pretty much what you want to do down the line. I am a huge fan of the Miles2 and LVD...but you should look at the cost of everything you want to do and consider the Bluenote as a VERY acceptable comprimise if you need to in the end. I would look at grabbing an Xlr8 performance kit if you can find one...it will give you a USB card and 2 button scroll mouse....a MUST if you are still using the one button apple mouse. Ram looks fine and since i am currently in CD-rom hell i will let someone else take that one:0

05-23-2001, 06:36 PM

Seems really well thought out! Good work. One question....is the RAM de-interleaved out of necessity or simply to avoid potential issues?

1)I will back your decision to get the Miles card and one drive for now. And 18GB really isn't that huge. I would lean towards that, especially if the second drive is going to mirror it. Start with as much space as you can feasibly get.

2) The internal drive is an easy replacement, but the firewire solution is beginning to really be a good one these past few months. And unless the internal CD is dead.dying, it always helps to have it there. A firewire-only card is not going to have any bridge circuitry on it, which might very well offer you a touch more stability. Some folks here have had trouble with bridged cards. I have several in use and have no problems, but YMMV. The printing issue was a clear factor when I migrated to combo USB/firewire cards instead of one or the other or 2 separates. I hate Epson (for the most part), too. Well, not hate. http://macgurus.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif There is always the option of used printers. Or refurbs. Not sure where to look, but I will say that I am satisfied with my HP's. And I wouldn't go with the only FW printer....that whole stability thing that most of us cherish. FW printing is a thing that is right on the edge of the spectrum. Wait on that. USB might be your best bet.

3) The move to a new video card will be a good one. The Formac is an awesome card. I can't speak for the Radeon. Once you figure out the voodoo with their drivers, ATI seems to provide a good solution.

As far as a better PCI slot solution? I can't come up with one. I would seriously at least consider the USB/FW combo card. It makes the machine that much more likely to be forward-compatible. And it is minimal expense above the FW-only solutions. You NEED one slot for the MIles, so that is easy. And you NEED one slot for the vid card...so that is easy, too.

The only advice I have beyond the above is this : Baby steps. One thing at a time. Seems like you got the whole think-this-through-first thing nailed down, and that is half the work. Good luck, and keep us all posted. The path you are taking is a common one, so the support resources are numerous.

05-23-2001, 06:44 PM
The only reason I went with the Miles is the comment about moving to a new machine in 18 months. I was concerned that since the 18GB narrow Barracuda is actually MORE expensive than the LVD Barracuda (OK, what's 10 bucks) it might be worth it to get something a little less likely to be outpaced by the new system. Since the card will most likely be moving with the drive(s). And if he went with the Cheetah, it's only $15 more than the narrow Cuda. Not to mention tha fact that is a mirror is desired, he would likely need a copy of SotfRAID anyway. That was also part of my logic in NOT recommending the closout Adaptec LVD board.

Good point though. I had forgotten all about that thread. I don't know how. http://macgurus.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif That is the joy of this place. A large assemblage of folks that see and experience a huge variety of things....oftentimes differently that any other person.

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05-23-2001, 07:10 PM
i missed that about the 18 month upgrade to a new computer. The Miles2/ LVD is a great solution( its what i run and LOVE), But i would bet that in 19-months to 2 years apple will be (BETTER BE!!!) putting firewire drives standard that rock the socks off of any scsi card. But on the other hand getting the Miles2/LVD conbo makes his current machine viable much longer than the Bluenote. *sigh* So many choices to make glad i am done for now!!!! http://macgurus.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

05-23-2001, 09:22 PM
I second / third the Miles2 upgrade - my 7300's sound just like yours only w/ XLR8 upgrade boards. They are both running Miles2 w/ RAID 0 LVD drives. They are very stable and happy machines until 9.0.4 and 9.1. The Combo USB / Firewire is a good idea - I have the XLR8 Performance package on one machine and it's sweet but I've replaced the wheel-mouse w/ a Kensington Orbit and like that a lot more.

The video upgrade is one that I'm cogitating over as well...The RADEON issues are a bit concerning but..


05-24-2001, 12:57 AM
Thanks for the replies -
I'm hoping to have a hard look taken by the folks
here to make sure I'm making the right choices.

The Sonnet g3 is about two years old. I had real trouble with stupid crashes - i.e. everything ran great until the second time I'd use the scrollbar in a window - either mousing or the arrow keys. Ran fine on the first scroll, but the second--It'd lock up tight. I called Sonnett and they had no clue (BTW, they were great and had a lot of patience and we tried all their trouble shooting tricks -except de-interleaving. They offered to send a new daughtercard. But I thought it was something I had done. I did all the usual conflict catcher stuff, extensions off stuff, pulled memory, PRAM, Deep PRAM, 30 second CUDA push, battery out overnight ,and so on to no avail. So I yanked the thing 'cause I had to get some work done and went back to the 604. Then a couple of months later I had some time to fool with it (and felt stupid for not attacking the thing head on) and got the same freezing on the second use of the scroll bar. Called Sonnet again, and this time they told me to de-interleave, they had had other reports, and bingo!

I was so happy with the improvement in general zippiness with the g3 than I just let the de-interleave go. It evidently just took them some time to realize there was a bug or glitch. I've updated the Sonnet extension since then but haven't tried to move the memory to recreate the freezing. I understand since then things have improved with their cards and the cards work OK with interleaved memory in most cases now. But that's just hearsay.

If i'm being stupid with the Miles2 and Cheetahs, as opposed to the Bluenote and Barracuda drives, please be honest. I just don't want to say in 6 months or a year, " jeez, I shoulda spent the extra 50 bucks per drive for the 10K RPM."

It sounds, so far like the firewire / usb combo is an OK choice regarding stability.

What about a Twin Turbo? video card. Is that a solution for a second monitor?

Whatever I buy I want to be able to run pro apps, if i find I've got a knack for doing graphics for instance, without regretting my hardware purchases.

I really appreciate any and all responses. Pick it apart! (But I'm NOT gonna buy ide/ata) http://macgurus.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif.

Oh, yeah. Did I miss something on the site about the XLR8 performance package? Whatzit? Wherezit?
-Found it! Thanks for the suggestion on the two button mouse tm311 and and the heads up on the performance package, Chris. At the price for the usb card, mouse and software, I can stick the usb card in to play with before I need a firewire / usb combo card for the external CDRW possibility (which will probably wait 3 or4 months) and still have the mouse and software to justify the purchase. Great!


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05-24-2001, 06:17 AM
When in doubt, of course i am sure the general attitude in here is GO BIG!!!!! get the Miles2/Cheetahs!!

05-24-2001, 06:42 AM
Definitely go for the Miles2 and Cheetahs - I have 4 10K 36 GB Cheetahs running as two RAID 1 volumes on a Miles2 in one of my 7300's. Data transfer is astoundingly fast even over our switched 100baseT ethernet service. This is a server for my lab and it's orders of magnitude faster than the stock drive system for transferring data.

The 'Gurus weren't exaggerating when they described the benefits of RAID and LVD drives.

As for other upgrades - well - I did replace all my stock CD-ROMs w/ Plextor 40X CD-ROMs (partly to solve the termination issue when I pulled the stock hard drives) - that's made a big difference as well.

Video cards - well - you might want to look and see which ones will / could have OS 9.1 and OS X support down the road in terms of drivers...that's the bigger issue. I was so annoyed with my ATI VR128 on my G4 that I gave up using it to capture any video and put in a FUSE card instead.



05-24-2001, 08:28 PM
guys, I'm going to jump in here with some comments on video cards.

as many of you have probably noticed, we have not (ok, I have not) updated the video cards pages on this site for awhile.

there is a good reason.

it makes me sick to write this, but it has to be said.

sit down, y'all.

the ATI Radeon is, IMO, a busted solution. It does some things well. Other things....well, it just plain sucks.

If you use it as the sole video card, it works well, particularly for OpenGL and 3D.?

if you try to use it with another Radeon in a dual Radeon config, you are flipping a coin on whether or not scrolling acceleration will be broken.

if you try to use it with an earlier Rage 128, particularly a Rage 128VR, you should assume that your 128VR functionality will become very problematic, and again, scrolling acceleration on both boards will be broken.

we've been big fans of the Rage 128VR here for obvious reasons. We watch tv on all the machines here, and we enjoyed the ability to attach an analog source to any machine, whether camera or vcr.

internally here, for machines which are keeping the Rage 128VR for cable tv and video i/o, we are pulling all Radeons and freezing them with Rage 128 cards like the Orion or the Nexus. The combination of those three Rage 128 video cards remains one of the fastest, most stable solutions ever on the Mac. You do need to watch your extensions, but it is fairly feasible to juice your video nicely with these boards.

(keep in mind that all configs here are multiple monitor systems, usually with three displays).

we have also found that for sheer 2D performance, the Formac boards have no peer. They are less good than ATI boards in 3D, but it's not real noticeable, IMO, unless you are working in 3D apps, or living in stuff that requires robust OpenGL.

for games, my pick would probably remain a Radeon, assuming a single display. For multiple displays, I would use a Rage 128VR as a primary, also for gaming and tv, and Formac outboard displays for accelerating scrolling, text, 2D in Photoshop, etc.

now, here's a sick development.

we've been waiting weeks for Formac to ship more boards and the vaunted Studio to us for eval. Ship dates keep getting pushed back. Recently, we were told that the 32MB version of the Formac ProFormance3 plus had been cancelled.


"By Germany," we were told. The only boards Formac USA has to ship directly are the 16MB plus boards. The price is good, around $229.99 retail, but quantities are limited.

No telling when, if ever, 32MB boards will be returned to the lineup.

No telling if the cancellation is due to an imminent release of Permedia 4 boards, as I would pray would be true, or if Formac, as so many other companies in its slice of the market, is just going under, despite their attempt to remake themselves with DVD, CDRW, and the Studio.


at this point, it appears that we have two surviving video acceleration companies operating in the Mac market. Formac and ATI.

ATI is shipping exactly TWO boards for the Mac, one AGP, and one PCI, both with 32MB main memory,and both with the shittiest drivers I have ever seen foisted on Mac owners in my entire career. Needless to say, I am no longer a fan of ATI Canada, and will be following thru on my intent to stalk and gut-punch the CEO of ATI. I kid you not. His stupid company has wasted weeks of my time at this point.

Formac appears to be shipping one 16MB board for the moment. I cannot tell you whether they will still be in business next week or not. We have been waiting for them to ship us hardware for weeks now. Ship-dates keep getting pushed back. My old contact at Formac apparently jumped ship or was fired, and I no longer have a warm and fuzzy feeling about them.

I used to think that they would survive all the contenders in the market, but the recent bankruptcy of MetaBox, also a German company, gives me pause. We all know what happened to 3Dfx, which was poised to become the best video accelerator vendor of them all before they were borged by inVidia.

We all see what boards are going in the new Macs.

Nothing is looming for the upgrades market, that I know about.

I got no good news there.

And now you know why the video upgrades pages on our site haven't been updated in awhile.

Hopefully this info will prove useful as you plan your upgrades.


05-24-2001, 09:08 PM
Damn. I don't know you well at all, Mag. But to hear that dreaded "S" word slide out of your mouth in and among such other comments is downright disheartening. But thank you for your honesty. I am kinda anxious for your take on the nVidia boards. Any testing units coming your way?

I was hesitant to suggest a used Rage128 solution...but I think it is one of the more successful ones at this point.

Gulp. This is getting interesting.

05-24-2001, 09:11 PM
1st slot- 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500 PCI 64MB SLI video card

2nd slot- USB/Firewire or Wired4DVD hardware DVD card or SoundBlaster Live card, whichever you'd like or need the most.

3rd slot- VST Ultratek/66 ATA PCI card and two 46GB IBM Deskstar 75GXPs in RAID to make a huge volume

DVD-ROM- the sleek Pioneer slot loading 10x DVD/40x CD

RAM- 512MB of 128MB EDO DIMMs

Processor upgrade- Powerlogix 450Mhz G4

With all those things, your machine will rock.

05-24-2001, 09:56 PM
Well, since we are going there, why not toss a Magma into the mix? http://macgurus.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

05-25-2001, 12:16 AM
I was going over the SPOD for the umpteenth time.

Chris and anybody:
Any problem with heat regarding two 18 Gig LVD Cheetahs (mirrored)
in the 7300 (75,7600) boxes? Is the existing fan adequate?

If so, are the 9 Gig versions any cooler running?

I know from reading that each succeeding revision runs cooler, but I don't have anything to benchmark against.

My g3, acording to Sonnet's Metronome, is running at 31deg Celsius. with just the 2 gig quantum running. It's thoroughly warmed up and the ambient temp is about 25 Deg Celsius.

I just went back and read Chris' last post again. I didn't even think about how to terminate the fast SCSI bus If I put the mirrored raid in.

Can an active terminator be added in front of the existing Matsuhita CD to
terminate that bus?

Can the granite 7359 Terminator be put on the end of the int SCSI chain in place of the stock HD to terminate? I read something about using a pigtail
but didn't quite get it.

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05-25-2001, 05:11 AM


(1) what I did for my machines is pop the front bezel on that lower left hand drive bay so that air can flow through from the front.
(2) You would need some sort of in-line cable terminator (I think) if you keep the original CD-ROM in and pull the hard drives off the fast SCSI since the way it was originally configured, the hard drives acted as the terminator for the bus. What I did, finally, was replace the drives with a Plextor 40X which does have termination capabilities.


05-25-2001, 07:33 AM
Oh - I'll also add that both my 7300's are running XLR8 G3 upgrades - either a 333 or a 400... No problems w/ heat and one of the machines has all the slots full - Miles2, Adaptec 2930U, DualPort USB. The other machine has a Miles2 and an Appled Solectron Firewire card although I'm not using the Firewire for anything at the moment.


05-25-2001, 10:12 PM
you can usually run a pair of late model Cheetahs just fine in that machine. Remember you need different drive sleds for the top and bottom bays! (k8030 up top, and 922-1124 down low).

you can add a fan to the chassis to help improve airflow inside. Remember that airflow goes generally from left-to-right, and from front-to-rear in that machine, exhausting out the power supply. You want your aux fans blowing from left to right, and front to rear.

Rage 128's remain some of the best danged video cards ever made, especially if you stick with OS8.6 or 9.04. The Rage 128VR gets a little cranky under 91, with XCLAIM VideoPlayer claiming it can't find any ATI Video Hardware.

for terminating the internal logic board SCSI bus, replacing the stock CD-ROM is perhaps the easiest.

I have never seen an inline terminator for IDC connectors that I would trust in one of my machines. You can find cheap ones, and often they will work, if only for awhile.

Of course, another option is to pull the CD-ROM entirely, and run only drives off a Miles2 inside that machine. We've done that with two of our bench machines, and it works real well.

05-27-2001, 01:52 AM
I need more experienced advice-

Since I'm now looking at a Plextor as well as the 18 Gig Cheetahs (One now one later) and the Miles 2, is there any drawback to an 8 MB Xclaim Rage Pro to drive my 19" Sony as a second monitor along with a 15" Sony and 4MB VRAM (already installed)?

Is it worth as much as $60? (eBay) Drivers are available from ATI.
I'm not particularly worried about gaming. It should run Bugom. http://macgurus.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

Also. I'll be using the Plextor CDRW mainly for archiving and moving stuff between machines on different campuses (90% of it original text). Will I miss having the Stock Matsushita? (It WILL save me an expense for a firewire card and an external CDRW).

Or am I better off buying the Plextor CD-ROM (Mainly for termination purposes), and still using a separate external Firewire CDRW? http://www.macgurus.com/ubb/confused.gif

I'm prepared to do this right. It just may take longer.

Thanks for any input.


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05-27-2001, 02:46 AM
I need more experienced advice-

Since I'm now looking at a Plextor as well as the 18 Gig Cheetahs (One now one later) and the Miles 2, is there any drawback to an 8 MB Xclaim Rage Pro to drive my 19" Sony as a second monitor along with a 15" Sony and 4MB VRAM?

Is it worth as much as $60? (eBay) Drivers are available from ATI.
I'm not particularly worried about gaming. It should run Bugom. http://macgurus.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

Also. I'll be using the Plextor CDRW mainly for archiving and moving stuff between machines on different campuses (90% of it original text). Will I miss having the Stock Matsushita? (It WILL save me an expense for a firewire card and an external CDRW).

Or am I better off buying the Plextor CD-ROM (Mainly for termination purposes), and still using a separate external Firewire CDRW? http://www.macgurus.com/ubb/confused.gif

I'm prepared to do this right. It just may take longer.

Thanks for any input.


05-27-2001, 06:43 AM
Hers some less than experienced" advice...you've been cruising around with a 2 gig HD for awhile , so get real with your desire to have a 36gig raid"0" for page layout and word tranfers. You should the miles2 card and a single 18gig X15( or less , but you do seem to want to go big...but at some point is big enough). As for the CD-rom...Buy the Plextor CD-RW and use it to replace your stock cd-rom...if you miss it...(say for burning audio cd-s) you can pick up an external scsi case on EBAY for 20 bucks...add 30 for a nice terminator and you are back in the cd-rom buisiness. Forget firewire fow....deal with that in 2 years when you buy for new G4. If you are searching Ebay for a video card...can't blame you after magicians delema....i would look for a 16mb ATI Orion...or talk to the Guru's here about some of the OEM Ati's that get pulled from B&W G3's all the time for upgrades to gaming quality Vid cards.

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05-27-2001, 10:53 AM
There's no real drawback to running the 8MB card.....but worth $60? Nah. Especially considering the price that the Orions or OEM Rage128's are going for.

You shouldn't miss the Matsushita CD drive. The only reason to keep both drives would be to be in a CD-dupe operation or another similarly-obscure situation. For most purposes, one CD drive is fine. And the Plextor beats the daylights out of Apple's CD drive. And by no means should you buy a CD drive mainly for reliable termination.

I think you are being sensible here. One 10K Cheetah. One MilesU2W card. One Plextor drive. Bundled SoftRAID for future RAID. Seems reasonable. But keep in mind, this will fly compared to your current setup.

And if you can live without the CD drive, lemme know. I could use it for a machine I am working on. http://macgurus.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

05-27-2001, 11:26 AM
DSM - are you in the market for one of those drives? I pulled two just now from my 7300's and I don't really know what to do with them - was thinking about a jukebox - i.e. 2 CD-ROMS, some old MO drives...


05-27-2001, 12:25 PM
Dogstarman, you want to buy my stock Apple CD-ROM from my 8600? I'll be getting a Plextor 40x CD-ROM and will be pulling the stock drive out. Email me at Filter413@hotmail.com

05-27-2001, 12:49 PM
Thank you very much for the advice. I feel good about the CDRW now.
That was the hard part, making a decision. You helped by making your thoughts very clear. That's a talent.

A couple more questions.

What is a reasonable price for an Orion?
They seem to be going for $125 - $150.

Shoot! I just checked eBay. That 8MB XClaim pro just went for $71. I guess this is a sellers market for this stuff.

EBAY strategy? Should one stay away from bidding on cards that end their bidding on the weekends? Or just pick one, put a top offer in, relax and wait? Should one concentrate on sellers with a good "track record", or is it the same gamble with anybody whether a one time seller or Pro.?

Or any other auctions or resellers I should be checking?

Any "bidding tips" for an ignorant schmuck? (Me)

Or should I stop all of the anal BS and just buy new?

Thanx, Greg

05-27-2001, 01:21 PM
i do not think you will find an Orion new....but if you are not getting video artifacting with your G3 card now you really don't have to rush into that purchase. Look around and see what you find...

05-27-2001, 01:54 PM
Sorry, I wasn't clear.
When I said new, I meant Formac / Radeon, which I can have in my hands from the 'gurus in a couple of days. I know some of the older cards WILL do what I need, and I wouldn't mind saving a couple of bucks.
I just need something to run My 19" Sony so I can use it with my 15" Sony. Thousands of colors at 1152 x 870 is fine.

I've continually got at LEAST 4 windows and in use while I'm editing and compiling stuff. It'd just be nice to see more of them. I waste a lot of time bringing windows to the front or trying to fine the scrapbook, etc, and the the window pulldown menu in the tool bar ain't that much more convenient.

This video card stuff is foreign to me. I understand the MB's, but everything else might as well be Farsi. I'm reading, but ........


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05-27-2001, 11:31 PM
I am really in the market for a few decent CD drives. Email me privately. I could see myself "acquiring" up to 3 more.

Ebay strategies? When searching, look for spelling errors....ie-"Voodoo5" instead of "Voodoo 5". The space between the name and number is often overlooked. Same thing with "Orion" and "Oroin". You might get lucky. And try to stay away from items starting on Sunday. Chronically the highest-ending-priced auctions. Oh, another neat thing with Ebay lately. Cruise the "New Today" items and look for Buy-It-Now things. Scored 384MB of PC100 Apple OEM RAM for $60+shipping.

05-28-2001, 12:21 AM
Thanks, DSM (If I may call you DSM). Just the kind of hints I was looking for.

05-28-2001, 11:30 AM
Thought I should chime in my 2 cents worth here about the video card dilemna on eBay, since I just bought one there (ATI 128 RAGE Orion for $120).

I nixed bidding on two open auctions that were run by sellers with less than 10 feedback, so I was prepared to wait for a more consistent seller, and save the auctions till they approached the last hour and if they were still within a reasonable sum I would have pounced on them with my bid at the last second. (that's quite a thrill if you've never done it).

But, I lucked out by being on the site less than 3 hours from a new listing that had a "Buy It Now" feature. It started at $99, but I could grab it up at $120 (which is what the previous 2 weeks worth of sales were averaging) if I was willing to jump in and claim it. First thing I did was check feedback - didn't look bad, over 100 positive. So, I bought it, and now Ive got my fingers crossed thats its the real deal.

Just remember to set your highest price BEFORE you start bidding. It can get ugly...

Good luck!

05-28-2001, 11:49 AM
Thanks Rebecca-
I appreciate you comments.
It's my first foray into eBay.
I spent last night reading about Paypal, Billpoint and
the arbitration services and feel a little more confident
that eBay isn't just a haven for thieves. Actually i'm now more
than just a little impressed. Fear of the unknown, I guess,
along with a healthy dose of skepticism.

05-28-2001, 02:52 PM
gt - be NOT afraid! I also sell on eBay, and Im not a thief! And Ive done my share of buying, too. My motto is, you can get anything you want on eBay. Just be careful, and use common sense. Try to stay with sellers that have LOTS of feedback to make you feel safe.