View Full Version : USB to SCSI ???

05-27-2001, 01:41 AM
I have a PM7600/G3 upgrade. I am thinking of buying a Laser Printer however the printer I am considering has a USB connection. I am still using OS 7.6.1 (USB not supported) and do not want to upgrade to any other OS .... it is extremely rare for my machine to freeze or crash.

I recently saw a USB to SCSI cable.

Would such a cable allow me to use a USB devise under 7.6.1 .... is there any member out there using a USB devise with 7.6.1

Thanks in advance for any advise,
Bob House

05-27-2001, 09:56 AM
Bob. I appreciate the stability of OS 7.6.....I remember it fairly well. But I have to suggest OS 8.6 for that machine. Simply for the fact that USB is only supported in that or newer OS's. I think there are many of us here running that era machine with a G3. I am running 9.1 on my 8500 (among other machines) and the stability is still great. 8.6 was a landmark IMHO. Most of the technologies are supported and it has the benefit of being the latest revision of OS8. Rock-solid. That's just my pennies. Others will be along shortly.

05-27-2001, 10:15 AM
I agree with doggy. 8.6 is great from a stability standpoint, just very slightly slower SCSI for me, but definitely faster video. And USB adapter card support here http://til.info.apple.com/techinfo.nsf/artnum/n31132 k