View Full Version : good set up for video editing

05-15-2001, 04:37 PM
Hi, I just bought a used (slightly) G4 450 Dual processor Mac with one 40G ATA drive. I am going to be editing video with Final Cut Pro and using After Effects and Photshop. I need about 70-80G's of storage for my media. I have around $1000-$1200 to spend for drives, card, cabels, etc. What is the best set up to meet my needs and stay in my budget

05-15-2001, 10:57 PM
Hey Polly,

It's such a close fit to your requirements and budget that you must have done your homework and just need someone to hold your hand:

From MacGurus:
2 x Seagate 36.7 G 10K drives (ST336705LW) @ $480 ea = $960
1 x Initio Miles2 Ultra2 Adapter w/ LVD Kit & SoftRAID 2.1 = $200

This will fit your budget. The ATTO Dual channel UL3D card would yield better performance but bust your budget. The 10,000 rpm Cheetah drives are an excellent match for the Miles card. The Miles kit includes terminated cable and the SoftRAID driver software, everything you need to set up a rockin' two-drive striped RAID for your workspace. You really really need the throughput speed of a SCSI array to edit video with pleasant speed. PS will fly!