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Paul Shand
05-06-2001, 01:35 AM
After reading some expereinces from other S900 users who have tried to use Adaptec SCSI cards (LVD) and Seagates Cheetah HDD's. I noticed exactly the same scenarios with my UMAX Super Pulsar/ S900 in USA with the UMAX unable to find the start-up disk at startup. Currently the machine starts with the blinking ??? and has done for 6 weeks. Somehow I get it to start after restarting for a half an hour and inserting and ejecting start up disc in the CDROM attached to the motherboard about 20 times. When it finally decides to start I am totally demoralised. Is there anybody out there who has a total solution for the Adaptec nightmare. The trouble to me seems to be the card is not recognised as SCSI bus to begin with. Adaptec know very little about the performance of the 29160N and UMAX computers. My last attempt to rectify the problem was to place termiator jumpers on the SCSI card to no avail. In the Power domain Control window I ahve selected termination disabled to see if this will make a difference but I'm afraid not. Does anyone no the issues involved with these Adaptec SCSI cards because it seems to the same problem whether it's a 2404? or a 29160N with a Cheetah. Paul Shand

05-06-2001, 10:09 AM
Hey Paul,

One of the other guys here, Michael, has an S900 and may be helpful. I don't have Adaptec and I don't know of any specific issue with the S900. I can cover some basics, but need more information.

What OS are you using. What driver (and version) formatted the hard drive. What cable and terminator are you using? What else is on the SCSI busses in your S900? What PCI slot is your Adaptec card in? What other PCI cards do you have? Did your configuration ever function properly (before six weeks ago)? What, exactly, does the Adaptec manual say regarding the jumper settings you say you made on the card itself? There are two jumper blocks on the ST318451LW; exactly what pinsets do you have jumpers on now?


05-06-2001, 10:27 PM
i do have an S900 but i'm afraid i have no experience with adaptec. when i upgraded i installed a Miles2 card and am running 2 cheetahs off it with absolutely no problems-not a hiccup.
maybe if you gave us a little rundown on your installation process-what did you do and in what order?

05-07-2001, 06:35 PM
This Adaptec card is one of the weirder ones, with an external narrow bus, an internal narrow bus and a third LVD internal bus. It uses 'SpeedFlex Technology' to change modes with different targets, all, I think with one controller. It also has jumpered pinsets on the card to force termination for weird circumstances and advanced troubleshooting. Sounds like a one-legged guy at an arse-kickin' contest to me.

I did dig up one possibly helpful hint from the tech support portion of the Adaptec website:
If Parity is Enabled on the card for a given one of its busses, all devices on that bus must be set to Parity Enabled. If Parity is Off on the card for a given bus, it must be Off for all devices on that bus. It's All or Nothing and mismatches may result in hangs at boot.

Does that resonate with you, Paul?

05-08-2001, 03:43 AM

adaptec cards.

i thought the 29160N was documented incompatible with vintage Power Macs and had to be used in a Yose or later?

the only thing to do is to adhere to the basics:

the 29160N needs to go in slot one.

it needs to be set to Auto, as far as termination is concerned.

you need to update its firmware to the latest revision.

you need to be mindful of which devices are attached to which connectors, with termination correctly set at the far end of each bus. Only ID's other than ID7 should be used: ID7 is reserved for the card.