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04-30-2001, 01:20 PM
I've stumbled on to an audio problem with my with my Power Computing PowerTower 166 (400/200/G3) that I can't figure out.
I guess I did figure it out, I just don't know what to do about it.
I discovered that when I open "Eric's Ultimate Solitaire, the Weasel's greeting (if you know the game, you know what this means) was choppy and intermittent .
I opened the sound control panel and found that the test in the "speakers" section was also choppy and intermittent .
If I disabled the ATI Resource Manager extension, the sound problem disappeared. I should mention that through all of this, the alert sounds and audio CD's seemed fine.
I could always remove the ATI card and go back to the built in video but that seems a bit extreme and I don't think the problem started when I put the card in.

Jim (hartello)

04-30-2001, 04:14 PM
Resource is needed with a 128 card; MPP isn't. You are into the Catalyst-based Power CC sound thingy.

I didn't realize that Eric was a Weasle. My wife plays that all the time.

04-30-2001, 06:40 PM

I didn’t realize he was a Weasel until I went into the preferences for Ultimate Solitaire. There’s a preference for turning off his voice. The “Talking Weasel” preference.

Talking about weasels, did you see the Simpsons when Marge was getting on Bart’s case “Bart, you shouldn’t always try to weasel out of things”. Homer comes to Bart’s defense “Marge, weaseling out of things is what separates us from the animals!!. . . . . . . . . except the weasel”. Guess you had to be there.

So I'm “into the Catalyst-based Power CC sound thingy”. Does this mean I have to live with it (not a real big deal)?
Is there anyhing to be done about the Catalyst-based Power CC sound thingy?

04-30-2001, 07:13 PM
Maybe, maybe not. I'm never tested for weasle sounds. The game is on my wife's 500 MHz beige G3 so I can't check easily. Put the ATI Extension back in and turn on VM if it's not already on. Did that help? If you have an UltraSCSI card, set the synch rate back to 13.3 MHz. Did that help?

Check the game maker's site to see if there are any updates.

Try Power CC's PCI Timing Update here ftp://ftp.macgurus.com//ftp/powercomputing_stuff/ or ATI's Sound Catalyst from here ftp://ftp.macgurus.com//ftp/ati_stuff/ but not together.

05-04-2001, 02:57 PM

I tried all of your suggestions and the audio is still choppy. Not just in the game but in the speaker test in the sound control panel. Actually, the speaker test behaves in a very peculiar fashion.

My primary concern in all of this is that the sound problem is a symptom of something else being wrong.

Having said that, It looks like I’ll have to put with the choppy sound (not a big deal), try an earlier O/S (and lose the features of 9.0/9.1) or yank the ATI Card and use the onboard video (4Mb). That would leave me with a spare Rage Orion card and what can I do with a spare Rage Orion card?

As I remember, this computer came with 7.?.? and I'm now running 9.04/9.10. If I was to go back to an earlier O/S, I would probably use 8.6 unless you feel there is better choice.

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