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04-25-2001, 09:36 PM
I have a yikes G4, that came factory configured with a dual channel scsi card, and 18gb scsi drive. The scsi drive is the only hard drive in the machine. I am looking to purchase and install an ata drive for storage, and it would appear that there are only two nodes on the ata chain, and they are going to the zip and cdrom. will I have to reroute all the ata cables to install an ata hard drive? Am I missing something?

any help is appreciated.



04-25-2001, 09:41 PM
The G4s have two ATA channels on the motherboard, look for two connectors. ATA can only have 2 devices per channel, and you can definately put in an ATA hard drive. I reccommend the IBM Deskstar 75GXP, the fastest ATA drive available, and known as the most reliable. You can use the ATA cable with that to connect to your motherboard or buy a higher quality Granite Digital Teflon cable with a longer size if you need it. If you are concerned about ATA connectors on your motherboard, you can always get a VST Ultratek ATA card w/ SoftRAID for around $89, and if you ever get another drive, you can create a fast ATA RAID. Good Luck.

04-25-2001, 09:54 PM
right... I had opened it up, but didn't see the ata connector over behind the scsi card... I only saw the ata ribbon coming out of the front of the logic board for the cd and zip... makes total sense now.

two questions on cabling...
1 does the Deskstar come with a cable at all?
2 how much performace difference comes with a granite cable?

thanks again...


04-25-2001, 09:59 PM
and, do drives generally come with the sled, or must that be purchased seperately?

04-26-2001, 01:43 PM
The drives don't come with a cable or a sled. Separate purchases. Extra sled may already be in your machine, I don't know. Drives and Granite cables (down the page) here http://www.macgurus.com/shoppingcart/showrampage.cgi?idepagesofheck.html

Should see a performance increase with Granite, but the real reason for Granite cables is total reliability under the most demanding circumstances. Treat the cable gently, gentle turns, don't crease the cable, don't dress it (fold it over itself) to make the installation look better, leave it full length and cluttered. Cluttered is better. I do like to route such cables away from the power supply. k

04-26-2001, 01:57 PM
You won't need a sled per se. On the bottom of your machine, I think there are at least 3 places for drives.. it looks like a shelf. That's where you would bolt your drive.

I installed a second IDE drive down there on my Yikes..

Take a look at http://www.xlr8yourmac.com for info on adding new drives to the G3/G4 tower units...


04-26-2001, 11:55 PM
in that machine, all you need are four screws per drive. The drive mounting trays are preinstalled by Apple, and just waiting for you inside.

in some cases, Granite cables are the only cables that work. These are fringe examples.

in your case, since you have no cable from the right-rear of the logic board to your IDE dual-drive stacking bay, it boils down to a great cable versus whatever you can find locally. Granite IDE cables are very affordable. And they are warranted for life.

I'm more interested in seeing if Apple included enough power connectors? Or do you need to go get splitters at Radio Shack?


04-27-2001, 07:08 AM
If your YIKES is like my YOSEMITE you have 3 bays on the bottom of your case. The back bay should be double stacked. I think ONLY the REV-A YOSEMITE did not have this - because it only has support for one ATA/33 device. The stock cable in my YOSE is setup to you can ONLY install 2 IDE/ATA drives in the back bays - stacking them. IDE/ATA has more limits on cabling and cable lenght, but you should be fine with any of the bottom bays for your set. Apple routed my IDE/ATA cable under the board - so it is out of view except for the plugs.

Also remember that your CD/DVD/ZIP IDE/ATA is ONLY ATA/3 (16MB/s) so you would limit any modern ATA/IDE drive. I think the IBM DESKSTAR drives will do about 30 ~ 35MB/s, so they can saturate your ATA/33 bus.


04-27-2001, 10:01 AM
hey everyone, thanks for the help. Much appreciated.

From what it looks like, I have the three preinstalled sleds in the bottom and enough power plugs to fill them. looks like it's going to be a snap. 75gig deskstar here I come. It will be a welcome addition to my mac... I've only got the one 18gb drive, and I've a had weekends when I create 1.7gb of assets in 48 hours... I'm sure you see my need.

Thanks again,