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04-02-2001, 11:31 AM
i need to (quickly) upgradew two basic machines--6100 and 7300. i am looking to start with memory only (6100 is for my kid, who will use standard pub packages or play some hoggy games). i'm thinking an additional 64 mg for the 6100 might be enough for him. (of course, he wants more.)

7300 i use for work--still on 7.5.5. i want to run it and also go to os8 for now. need to run such things as pagemaker, illustrator, word (oink), photoshop.

don't know how far to go before it makes more sense to buy whole new machine(s). i don't wnat to throw money into a hole, but--well, you know the drill. i want to be cheap for now but functional for awhile yet. i don't have to be faster than the speed of light--just faster.

will staying with the original processors but adding some reasonable amount of memory on these machines get me moving for now? say, a year? any thoughts on minimum mem?


04-02-2001, 12:41 PM
Oh boy - RAM is fairly expensive for that vintage of machine...

this compares with beige G3 SDRAM pricing...

The problem as I see it is that if you put RAM into that machine, you can't repurpose it later and you'll have to be happy with your investment in that machine for a while. That all said and done, I've upgraded the processor, RAM and installed a Miles2 LVD drive in my 7300's and it's been flawless.. we're running 9.1 on it but I suspect that until something substantial comes along, the potential to run OS X is low

The machines are certainly functional though but you might be on the hairy edge of just getting a used beige G3 and upgrading that for less that it would cost for upgrading the 7300 and it would provide you with a better upgrade path later on...

Hope this helps

04-02-2001, 05:29 PM
considering the low, low cost of SDRAM right now, I think that is good advice, Chris.

I just scored four 256MB SDRAM DIMMs, CAS2, PC133, for under a hundred each. These were the last ones left before the price rebounded. I think we're up to $113 now.

when you consider that a GB of SDRAM cost me around $400....and a single 128MB 5v EDO DIMM for the 7300 will run you $190 at today's pricing....well, that's illustrative, particularly considering that it's not even factoring G3 upgrades, new drives, etc.

when you factor OSX into the equation, I think it is getting increasingly tough to justify big expenditures on machines prior to beige G3. And you're talking to a guy who refuses to surrender his 9600.


04-02-2001, 10:50 PM
Hey MSD,

I have some inexpensive used upgrade stuff in the 'Stuff for Sale' forum topic under "Vintage upgrade parts for vintage macs". All would work in the 7300. Email if interested.