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03-15-2001, 01:24 PM
Hi, I just bought a TEAC 532S CD-Rom drive, which I use with my AKAI S3000XL sampler.
This works fine, however, it would be nice if I could access the drive from the G4 too.
Although the drive is recognised (doing SCSI copy in Toast), it doesn't mount on the desktop. I couldn't fine any driver, instead I was told to use CD-Rom toolkit.
So I got CD-Rom toolkit, but still I won't get it to mount.
Now what the hell do I need? Any suggestions?
Thanks a lot

03-15-2001, 10:29 PM

Go here http://www.IntechUSA.com/DC2.html and Download a free tryout version of CD/DVD SpeedTools 5.7. You will have to remove all remnants of CD-Rom toolkit and the Apple init. Try it and see if it works. If it does, go here http://www.macgurus.com/shoppingcart/showrampage.cgi?intechsoftware.html to purchase it and read more about it, which you might want to do first.

Not being able to mount could be a termination problem. k

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03-18-2001, 02:37 AM
Hey Bman, did you check out termination per Kaye's suggestion?

Post more system info................

What is the data I/O protocol? You mentioned "doing SCSI copy in toast", so this CD player is SCSI? If it is SCSI, you have a SCSI card in the g4? What's the make and model of the card?

Any other SCSI devices on that card?


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03-19-2001, 03:30 AM
hmmmm...this could be a termination issue.

what is the order of the devices on your bus? Which device is terminated? The sampler or the CD-ROM? Is there anything else on that bus?

03-26-2001, 11:19 AM
Hi everybody, meanwhile I've tried CD Rom speedtools (or whatever they are called) and it did actually work. Only now I couldn't use the CD Rom drive for the Sampler anymore. So for the moment I'm not using this one eiter.
My SCSI chainlooks something like this: Sampler, CD-Rom, Zip, Jaz, CD-Burner, G4. Both the G4 and the Sampler are terminated.
I've got a formac SCSI card, and it does work perfectly if I use the CD-Rom only for the Sampler (which was the main reason why I have it anyway) Only I thought it would be somehow handy being able to access the drive from the computer too. However, I can still use the drive from within Toast and Astarte CD-Copy, it just wouldn't mount.
So I think I'll just go with it, unless you guys come up with some other idea.
Thanks anyway

03-26-2001, 02:55 PM
What is a "Sampler"?