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01-04-2001, 12:57 PM
We ordered 12 G4s/500 Mhz. dual processor, 45Gig HD. We do non-linear video editing using FCP and Premiere via Firewire.

The problem we have right now is storage. Students need to work on their projects for extended periods of time (different days). Right now, in order to serve all of the students, they have to create a batch list, work on their projects for an specific time and when they leave the computer, they have to save their batch list and project file on a zip disk -they may also print to tape their unfinished project¨Ů. The HD is erased after each session, to get it ready for the next student.

We would like to give the students the possibility of keeping their captured clips in an storage solution (may be protable), or a server.

I have looked into the San Cube 270Gig with 4 firewire connections, but some users had told me that the San Cube does not allow user to print to video or access the video clips at the same time. Seems like the San cube has an internal hub for the 4 HDs and the hub does not have the capability to allow the 4 firewire connectors to work at the same time. I may be wrong.

Could anyone enlighten me about the best way to approach this video-server storage solution?

Thanks a lot!

01-04-2001, 03:05 PM
the SAN Cube is beautiful in concept, but not yet quite workable in all scenarios in the real world. You may be able to find previous posts about it here elsewhere in the forums, or on Macintouch or MacFixIt.

a server would probably serve your needs best. This will impose some work on the network admin, however, and managing users can get to be a collossal pain in the butt. Still, AppleShare is, without a doubt, the easiest way to run a server, particularly for a network consisting primarily of Macs.

you will need to analyze how much storage you require on such a server, and we can assist you there with decisions like IDE vs SCSI, internal vs external, etc.

02-10-2001, 12:00 AM
I would bet 1000baseT and some nice GigaSwitches would make running the network much easier. Of course that aint cheap. It really depends on the video you want to stream. MPEG-4 would probably fix many issues - in theory - IF It every comes out.

Having a massive server full of 10K Cheetahs connected over 100baseT or faster - with SWITCHES would probably be the economical simple and flexible way to go. When X comes out - it should all get faster - assumeing all the hardware is supported in X. That may take some time.