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01-27-2001, 12:03 AM
I can't get ATM to work on my G4. When OS9 was installed it loaded only True Type fonts. I changed them to Type 1 fonts but ATM makes the system freeze and i had to remove it. Is there a way of getting ATM installed and working?

01-27-2001, 03:17 AM
Which version are you using? you really need the latest with OS9. Also: ATM deluxe is known not being flawless. I rather use the freeware ATM light (vs. 4.61) along with Suitcase. For OS9 vs. 8.2 or higher is requiered. I hear good things about Fontreserve too.

01-27-2001, 05:40 AM
the current revision works well for us--in the background, where it belongs.


01-27-2001, 11:06 AM
In addition to the TrueType fonts folders Adobe Sans MM and Adobe Serif MM, don't you also need the PostScript fonts AdobeSanMM and AdobeSerMM? I'm guessing here but until I loaded the PostScript MM fonts, numerous things didn't work with ATM loading. k

01-27-2001, 09:48 PM
I downloaded ATM Light 4.6.1 but have not installed it yet. Someone mentioned to me that there is a patch that may have to be loaded first. Does anyone know anything regarding this patch? All the original True Type fonts have been removed.

01-28-2001, 12:15 AM
with MacOS 9.04 or 9.1, there is nothing else to worry about, as far as I am aware.

all that stuff, including invisible files, is installed automatically. Just let it do its thing.