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01-03-2001, 01:04 PM
Hi guys,

I'm very new to Mac stuff, having spent years with PC's and have just got an old Mac Classic running sys 7.0.1 which I want to play about with to learn something about Mac's.

First problem is I want to install a screensaver on the Mac as it doens't seem to have one. I only have internet access via a PC so I followed jagshouse.com instructions and installed TransMac on the PC so I can read and write mac floppies. I thn went to download.com and found myself a nice v.basic 29k screensaver and downloaded that. I was surprised that the download didn't sefault to a particular filename so I tried ssaver.exe (have no idea what Mac executable files are called). In transmac I got this on the floppy disk and editedthe file type to APPL in file..properties.

When I put the disk in the mac I can see the file but when I try and click on it I get : can't be opened ,error type 39.

Second problem, is that I think I'd like to re-install system 7.0.1 as it doesn't all seem to be there (ie can't find AppleFileExchange) - where can i finf a copy of system 7.0.1 - I can't find it on the apple website.

Thansk, if anyone can help,

Glenn Elliott,

01-03-2001, 01:39 PM
You see, that's the funny thing about OS's. They aren't usually free, except for WAY outdated ones...and I mean old. I know there are places to DL System 6 out there. But System7 is so much stil a part of the vintage market that I can't imagine where to get a copy other than buying/borrowing from someone.

Congrats on the Mac acquisition. I wish I could help you out with file translation and older OS's, but it has been so long since I used System7 that I plain forget.

Get Hotline from www.bigredh.com (http://www.bigredh.com) and log on....look for a server called "MAC HELP CENTER"...I think they have a ton of old OS's and such. But then again, you need to master how to download and transfer info to that lil old Mac. Good luck!!!

01-03-2001, 01:41 PM
most older versions of Apple software are available for download on the Apple site, but you must dig to find it. I found this page (http://til.info.apple.com/techinfo.nsf/artnum/n26181) after about 30-seconds of searching. You may be able to find more.

I'm not certain how to advise you about downloading via a PC....part of the problem is that PC's make files flat, losing the binary resource forks that make Mac files Mac files. You can download and save as MIME/Base64, which with appropriate decoding software (like UnstuffIt from Aladdin Systems) should enable the Mac to correctly expand the file, preserving both resource and data forks.

01-03-2001, 02:32 PM
Good call on the how-to suggestion. And as far as Hotline goes, that server has everything from System .96 (yep!) up to 7.6.1 on their site. They appear to be valid files (of a large size, mind you). And I would be inclined to trust them a little, since I have used their help files many times before. But your results might no match mine.

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01-04-2001, 06:11 AM
Thanks everyone, that helped.
I did find sys software on Hotline, thanks,

Managed to make some progress with the PC download process as well - as lon as I can find the Mac Disk Images on the net, I can download them to the PC as normal, unpack them with Alladin Expander for Windows then copy the disk image file to a Mac formatted disk using WinImage.-tip format the disk in a real mac first,, seems to work better.

Best Wishes,

glenn, London

01-04-2001, 08:42 AM
If you d/l Mac files with a PC, make sure that the extension on the file you are d/ling is .hqx - this is a text file format and can be easily read by a PC or Mac. Usually a file you would be able to transfer would look like filename.sit.hqx - .sit.hqx is to the Mac what .zip is to the PC.

.sit is an extension for Stuffit from Aladdin Systems.
You will need Stuffit Expander on the Mac side to translate the file to Mac readable format. Go to http://www.aladdinsys.com to d/l it.
Some files out there use a newer version of Stuffit which are not translateable with the old version of Stuffit Expander.

Did Sys7 come with a version of Expander? If you use the older version, some files may not unstuff.

I don't know what you're going to do if you need to d/l Expander. I think you need Expander to unstuff Expander from Aladdin!
No, it comes in self-extracting format. But you can't first d/l it to a PC, because you'll lose the resource fork.

Can you get a modem for that Mac? Then you could d/l anything, and in the correct format. Any USR, 3com or Zoom EXTERNAL PC modem will work with that Mac, but you will need to get the correct cable and drivers. You might also get FreePPP which I think worked better than Apple's PPP.

What you really need is a Mac formatted disk with an unstuffed version of Stuffit Expander on it. Then you can use the PC to d/l mac files in .hqx format, move them to your Mac, and translate them on the Mac with Expander.