View Full Version : Power for "4th" Internal drive

12-21-2000, 04:36 AM
I'm trying to install the 4th internal drive in G4, but there's no power cable available as default? What can I do? I have 3 Ultra160 drives, DVD-RAM and ZIP.

12-21-2000, 04:56 AM
if you lack sufficient drive Molex power connectors, you will need to go to Radio Shack and pick up a splitter. They're about three bucks.

12-21-2000, 06:03 AM
Thanks, so I need to add splitter at the one end of power connector to extend it to two? Can you specify the type of connector interface? I hardly know these things. Many thanks again.

12-21-2000, 09:39 AM

Interface - Molex (4-pin) power connector. You can see what it looks like here if this link works http://cyberguys.com/cgi-bin/sgin0101.exe?UID=2000122106280707&GEN6=00&GEN9=5CG01&FNM=00&T1=113+0270&UREQA=1&UREQB=2&UREQC=3&UREQD=4

cyberguys calls it a Power Y and Radio Shack has them. Caution, you want a Y that has all Molex 4-pin male/female connectors. Some have smaller 3-pin and others. k

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