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BC Mac
12-11-2000, 12:42 PM
Mac Gurus- I have just received a Plextor Plexwriter 12/10/32S internal
drive from you folks (in record time by the way, I am located in
northern BC, and the drive arrived in 2 days !!)

I have attempted installation in the top drive bay, replacing the
existing Apple CD player, but:

*my 8500 case doesn't seem to allow the controls on the bottom
front of the Plextor to show, and:

*the sled mount sets the drive tray a wee bit too high, so the
door won't open as it's blocked by a piece of thin metal housing, and

*the audio cable (WP- AI- UNIV) won't fit the connector because
of two small plastic rails on the supplied cable.

I have attempted installation just replacing the existing Apple CD

This necessary because it is the only place in the 8500 that seems to be
big enough to accept a CD drive.

So- can I work around these problems, or should I go for an external
drive? Should I feel free to get handy with a hack saw to enlarge the
bay? Can I get another bezel to cover the wreckage?

I didn't realize I would have to replace the existing CD player, I had
planned to keep it in order to be able to copy CD's. Is it necessary to
have two drives to copy CD's, or will the Plextor do it easily by
copying temporarily to my hard drive?

Thanks for this! BC Mac.

12-11-2000, 01:31 PM
Someone else will have to address the phyical problems because I'm not familiar with the 8500.

It's very handy to have a CD player and a CD-RW for copying but not essential. Toast and other software can make Disk Images saved to a HD and then the burner can copy the disk image.

BC Mac
12-11-2000, 02:07 PM
Thanks Louie-

I suppose the process of copying to hard disk takes a full six minutes or whatever, doubling the time it takes to copy a CD (using just one CD player/writer?)

12-11-2000, 02:36 PM
Don't know, I've never tried it.

12-11-2000, 02:51 PM

1. no bezel will permit the front controls to show. Neither the stock Apple bezel, nor any third-party bezel. You don't really need them. You use software.

2. you should be able to readjust your drive on your sled to achieve a clean marriage with your front bezel. Just work it.

3. if the stock bezel simply won't work for you, you can replace it with a third-party unit with a larger front orifice. Part number K8059 on our parts page (http://www.macgurus.com/shoppingcart/obj_show_page.cgi?mgscsibezelsandsleds.html) should work for you.

4. the audio adapter cable should interface correctly with the Plextor. Flip the sides around. If that doesn't do it, contact deb@macgurus.com for an exchange. Tell her to have John check the stupid cables again. The OEM may have substituted without our permission.

5. you can only have one 5.25-inch device installed in the 8500, as there is only one 5.25-inch drive bay. The Plextor will work fine by copying CD's from a drive. You do not need a CD-ROM and a CDRW. You will require SpeedTools to use the CDRW as a CD-ROM Reader replacement.

BC Mac
12-11-2000, 03:08 PM
Thanks magician!

Further q's-

4. the audio adapter cable should interface correctly with the Plextor. Flip the sides around. If that
doesn't do it, contact deb@macgurus.com for an exchange. Tell her to have John check the stupid cables
again. The OEM may have substituted without our permission.

The cable fits fine on the Plextor, but the two small rails on the cable prevent it from attaching to the audio cable connection on the 8500 (the same place as the existing CD cable connects...?) I can make it fit by simply removing the offending rails....

Thanks again for your invaluable assistance! BC Mac.

12-11-2000, 04:15 PM
just flip the connector. If it fits the Plextor, the opposite end should fit the internal sound connector on the logic board.

BC Mac
12-11-2000, 05:29 PM
just flip the connector. If it fits the Plextor, the opposite end should fit the internal sound
connector on the logic board.

magician- I am a neophyte at installations- is the internal sound connector the same connector that my existing Apple CD four pin connector is plugged into? It is located near the right top of the 8500 box.

12-11-2000, 08:06 PM

BC Mac
12-11-2000, 10:30 PM
magician- I greatly appreciate your assistance with this...

The audio cable I have just does not seem to fit the internal sound connector on the 8500. Both ends of the new cable are identical, and fit the Plextor. But, the 8500 sound connector has a plastic tongue that conflicts with the two small guide rails on the new audio cable, no matter which way I put it.

The new cable from MacGurus is labeled CAB 001069-01 CABLELINK, and the old Apple cable is labeled Apple 590-4522 A MDM 2146 95/43. Suggestions?

Also, the Toast software I ordered from MacGurus seems to be a PC version- I can read it, and appear to be able to install it, with Virtual PC, but I don't want to as my files are all Mac. Is there a way to install a Mac version from the disk I received, or was the wrong one sent?

Thanks- BC Mac

12-12-2000, 01:56 AM
you may just need to wiggle the audio connector at the logic board end. It should fit, I believe. We have not had reports of problems from other customers, so you either have a weird, unique cable, or you aren't installing it correctly. Just look at it. If the pins line up, you may need to gently lift a plastic tab or something.

if there is not a Mac installer on your CD-ROM, we'll have to assume that a PC version was substituted somewhere. Simply email deb@macgurus.com and have her swap it out for you.

sorry for the hassle!

12-12-2000, 01:09 PM
BC Mac,

I installed the Plextor internal Cdrom drive in my 8500 with the audio cable from the gurus site and all is well. If you wish, I can email you a picture of the cable and which connector I used.

Though the gurus recommend Intech's cdtool with any Plextor drive which gives you the feature of digital audio. It doesn't use the audio cable like the new G4s do. OS 8.6 or later. Pretty cool stuff.


BC Mac
12-12-2000, 01:55 PM
Thanks Jorge- I would appreciate a photo of the connector and cable- it seems the one I have won't work without modification, but I know there is a pretty good chance I'm missing something obvious!

I have purchased Intech Speedtools with this drive, and I am using OS 8.6. Does this mean I don't need the audio cable anyway?

12-12-2000, 05:49 PM
If you have SpeedTools 5.5, just check the digital sound box in the Intech CP. No cable needed.

BC Mac
12-13-2000, 01:42 PM
Thanks Louie-

I have done so, result: silence in the external speakers.

The CD is playing (beautifully) through the headphone jack.

I do get an alert beep on the external speakers if I max out the volume on the Speedtools CPanel.

I note that the CD/DVD Users Guide for Speedtools states that I should go the the Sound CPanel, select "Sound in" then "Built in" then select "Options" and select "Internal CD" and "Playthrough" box However, the "Options" box is greyed out, so I can't select "Internal CD" or "Playthrough." Any idea why this is inaccessable?

I do have another "Monitors and Sound" CP that allows me to choose between "Sound In" or "CD"- however neither solves the problem.

I have tried restarting with each of the CP's in the trash in order to check if there is a conflict here- no difference.

Any advice??? Much appreciated... BC Mac.

12-13-2000, 03:11 PM
use the sound control strip module (the one that looks like a microphone) to ensure that you are designating the correct sound source.

also, confirm in the CD Audio application under the Apple menu that you have correctly designated the Plextor as your source.

12-13-2000, 03:19 PM
Kaye and I have been running tests both analog and digital modes and have been switching back and forth. Each time you switch, it requires a restart. Have you done that?

You must be using either 8.6 or 9.04 for the digital mode to work.

When in the digital mode, the headphone jack at the front of the CD machine is killed.

You should have only one sound-related control panel. OS 8.6 uses the combo, "Monitors and Sound". OS 9.04 has a separate "Sound" and a separate "Monitors".
You shouldn't have both.

12-13-2000, 08:15 PM
BC Man,

email your email address to me @ jorge@macgurus.com so that I can send you over the picture of my install.

You didn't enter your email address when you setup for the forums.


12-14-2000, 02:52 PM
BC Man,

check your email.