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12-08-2000, 09:52 AM
I have a PM 8600 with a G4 upgrade card. I also have a Pinnacle DC30, a Korg 1212i/o audio card and a Miles U2W. I have a single 9GB Cheetah attached to the Miles. My first question is this, what should I set the throughput on the Miles card to avoid PCI choking with the other cards in the bus. I've read that you need to limit the data stream to avoid problems with both of those cards (and others). Also, is it worth getting a 2nd cheetah to make a raid if I can't stream more than 10 or 20 MB/s to it? After having overcome most of the problems associated with these A/V cards, I'm happy with their performance, but more importantly I cannot afford to replace them in the near future. most of my work involves video for multimedia, but I am getting more requests for NTSC playback video and a curious about the performance of the Aurora cards.
Thanks for any info you can pass along.

12-08-2000, 11:44 AM

With the Miles2 and single Cheetah, are you having that problem now? You seem to be the only one on the forums, I did a search, with a Korg card. Others with other cards have found that if the data stream needs to be retarded, it is pretty much a hunt-and-peck try various settings and test for results. There seems to be no one magic setting.

I expect those with other A/V cards will check in. If you purchased another Cheetah, be aware that for reliable RAID, the drives must be a matched pair, exact same model number, and even helpful if the drive's version number is the same, though that is not absolutely necessary in my experience with Cheetahs. What model number is your Cheetah, ST39204LW? I can't address the Aurora card question. k

12-08-2000, 12:11 PM
If i wanted to assure that i got a "matched" pair of drives, would a pair of 18GB 'cuda's do for video and multi-channel audio? they are a bit less expensive it seems and I'm putting cash back for a new G4 system to move this SCSI subsystem and PCI cards to. In the meantime, could I use the cheetah as my startup/system drive to increase the feel of the machines speed?

12-08-2000, 01:56 PM

I think a pair of 18GB Cudas on your Miles2 would do just fine, but since I don't do high end audio/video, I would like to hear from others on this subject. And yes you could retain the Cheetah along with the striped Cudas on the Miles2.

The one caveat that I can think of is location of the drives and the physical limit length of the Initio twisted-pair LVD cable and LVD terminator. I know the manual says you must use the last three connectors (toward the terminator end) for three drives, but that is not necessary. Just connect however you physically can but definitely with the new Cudas next to each other on the cable and the Cheetah either before or after them. Don't put the Cheetah between them on the cable. Again, I gotta defer to more knowledgeable A/V people. k

12-08-2000, 03:58 PM
your guidance is perfect, K.

what sort of info do you require on the Aurora boards, kevin? Aside from what is already posted on our website and Aurora's?

12-09-2000, 08:51 AM
I only do recreational video, but I will add what I can. NTSC at 640x480 (uncompressed) requires about 16-18 MB/sec. You should be able to stack 32 or more channels of audio at that speed as well. 2 striped 'cudas would certainly deliver. Each setup is a little different and I've never used a korg card, so this is just an estimate. Have you had problems with the miles U2W and audio or video?

The DC30 should be able to capture NTSC. Is it having problems? Since you do professional video, I would look hard at Aurora's Igniter since it can capture 24bit 96khz audio, which is the DVD standard. Inevitably, clients
will soon want their product on DVD, and you could be one of the first to do it.

(It's personally on my list, but only after I can find a decent SCSI DVD RAM drive. Something that should be considered is that, to my knowledge, only Astarte M. Pack can encode MPEG-2 (DVD) files that toast can recognize. I have it, but it seems that Apple bought out Astarte's MPEG tech, so it may be hard to find now. Probably the DVD RAM drive would come with software, though.)

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