View Full Version : Just got a cheap barebones C500

08-03-2001, 01:18 PM
I just ordered a barebones Umax C500 for $25, and what should I stuff into this one? I have a spare Voodoo 3 3000 PCI card, and two 64MB DIMMs for it already. For a hard drive I'll just use whatever cheap Maxtor I can find at my local CompUSA and run it on the logicboard IDE bus. As for processor acceleration, there are lots of cheap G3 cards from the defunct Metabox company for L2 cache slot machines, anyone know if the C500 is compatible with these? And then I have 1 PCI slot left, what to add...

Will S
08-08-2001, 03:40 AM
The C500 is a nice machine for the size. An L2 G3 upgrade will work in these machines but all the Metabox L2 upgrades i've seen are for the Apple 4400 and Motorala clones not the C500/600 and Apple 6400/6500 machines...later

08-09-2001, 12:52 AM
Looks like its time to hunt down a Sonnet L2 G3 card...