View Full Version : Upgrading Video on my C-600

07-22-2001, 03:23 PM
I'm trying to squeeze every bit out of this machine, I 'm saving for a new Mac anyway here is my question...I want to purchase a Video Card for this machine, I've looked at several cards already I'm leaning toward Formac ProForm 3, but am I wasting my time here? I am running OS 9.1, NewerTech G3 400 Mhz, machine is running fine...I have a DSL connection, which I'm enjoying except that video (Streaming) porformance lacks...17" Samsung SyncMaster 700NF QT 5. Short of calling a reseller, I need help in making this decision. http://macgurus.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

07-23-2001, 06:51 PM
well, considering that Formac is now exiting the video card business, and just cancelled all our orders for boards, we have to recommend an ATI Radeon board. We do not yet sell them on our site, but will have to get a page up shortly.

we will be pulling Formac boards from our site asap.

07-23-2001, 08:09 PM
Dang. Never put my Formac ProFormance3+ in my S900, just so I wouldn't hex Formac. What is it that vintage Macs are running out of video card choices? Just live with what we have and the Radeon and look to eBay if we need something else. k