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08-26-2002, 05:48 PM

The xlr8yourmac forums don't appear to be working, but I saw a link to this place from there... here's my situation and info:

First, the specs:
G4 Digital Audio 466/640MB/30GB
NEC AccuSync 70
FireWire CDRW in ADS Pyro case (not turned on for any of this)
ATI Radeon 8500 64 MB card, PC version, identical to the Mac one as per the photo at xlr8yourmac
OS 9.2.1 and OS X.1.5

Here's pretty much exactly what I've done so far:

Got the roms and flashers for the ATI, booted into OS 9, tossed one (the stock ATI one, I believe it was "update") into the Startup Items folder, rebooted. Waited, rebooted with monitor cord attached, no dice. Tried again, still nothing. Unsure of if I'd actually flashed the ROM, as after the fact I think it may have been stalling out on the disk check and then waiting for "return" to finish booting up to get to the startup items.

Then put my ATI Rage 128 Pro back in, and put a modded 230/230 rom file in instead of the ATI update one (250/275). This time it worked fine, video popped up nicely, all seemed well. Installed the July update ATI drivers in both OS X and OS 9. Accelleration appeared to be working in Return to Castle Wolfenstein (OS X) and Quake III (OS 9). Now having video again, without swapping cards, I ran the ATI Firmware Update that didn't work before (250/275), but it took this time, and now I get this for the card info (OS X ATI control panel)

Model: ATY,R200
Name: ATY,R200i_B [the stock mac ATI reviewed at xlr8 has _A at the end]
Vendor ID: $1002 (4098) [this is ATI's code...]
ROM#: 113-85710-126 [this should be the latest rom, ending in -126]
Card #: 109-85700-00
FCode version: 1.85
NDRV version: 1.0.0f48
Display buffer size: 32 MB [the system profiler still lists it as a 64 MB card, as does the OS 9 control panel, I assume buffer size and total memory are different items]

At this point, I think I've got the exact same thing as the Mac version, it has the same firmware and harware... but the oddities are:

Audio at some point began to make little "static" noises whenever it's playing something... kinda like a muted piezoelectric blip, a la a geiger counter. This isn't a fault of the speakers (present on both interenal one and external) and only is present when the computer is trying to play something out the sound port, it's present only when it's playing something, even a blank signal (end of song for example).... this is the most annoying part, and I'm really hoping it's fixable... I have no idea how the addition of a video card caused this. The only thing I can think of that might have caused this is that while fumbling with the AGP slot, I did touch the motherboard a bit more than I usually care to directly under the rear edge of the card. Wasn't on at the time, and I'm reasonably sure I didn't leave any residue there, but I haven't done anything with the audio otherwise... I haven't tried putting my 128 back in yet, but I probably will later tonight.

The other thing is that any games that try to use RAVE in OS 9 don't seem to load... Alpha Centauri won't load, Myth II loads, but only in software rendering, and Falcon 4.0 doesn't seem to load. This seems like it's a driver issue, but if any of you have experiance with this I'd love to hear about it.

If any of you can help me out here, I'd be much obliged...

andmill AT u D0T washington D0T edu