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08-20-2002, 05:08 PM
I am using SoftRaid 2.2.2 since a year or more, together with OS Mac 9.2.1. since september 2001. System was very stable, using the older ATI Rage 128 graphics card (standard Apple version). Recently I replaced it with a new graphics card, the ATI Radeon 7000 Mac edition. Installation requires new software, extensions etc.

It seems that the new ATI Resource manager introduces a conflict.
When this extension is enabled, especially during reading/writing to disk, the system could hang.
Start-up is not good, a small possibility for a hang when loading the final extensions/control panels. Normally after 1-2 applications the system hangs definitely! (Especially when the extension manager is activated, during scrolling)

PM 8600, Mach 5, Processor G3, XLR8 Mach speed 400 MHz/200 MHz / 1 Mb
Miles 2, firmware 1.06, Softraid 2.2.2
Standard Quantum disk (Fireball), Miles 2 is serving 2 Quantum 18.2 ATLAS IV disks (Raid 0 and Raid 1 partitions)
All disks are using Softraid drivers (standard initialisation)
Using the newest ATI drivers (July 2002) etc.

Hoping that you can suggest a solution, beside disabling the ATI resource manager. This disables all features of the Radeon 7000 card, distinguishing it from the older ATI Rage 128.

Kind regards,

Theo Hildering

08-20-2002, 06:13 PM
I've had trouble with OS 9.2.1 that was suppose to be fixed by ATTO firmware update. Drive Setup, ExpressTools, and SoftRAID all exhibited the problem you mention.

I disabled ATI Displays and ATI Extension when using SoftRAID. I've read of others having trouble as well. My guess is that some switched from XLR8 software to Powerlogix cache control 1.5 which had fewer problems.

Conflicts are so much fun! OS 7 was to be the end of these things. Now they want us to believe OS X will do it. In the meantime, even firmware can be a culprit.

Because it happs so often, have you looked into ram being linked to the problems? I know you can't run DIMM First Aid but I think there might be something there.

Also, verify your system file with ResEdit to make sure it doesn't need soem minor repair, a problem that has been with OS 9 since 9.0 and continues.