View Full Version : Rage Orion--card DOA or software problem?

08-13-2002, 12:15 AM
Hello All,

I recently purchased a used Rage Orion (=Rage 128) on ebay for my 2nd computer, a stock Beige G3 300 mhz DT. OS is 9.1. After updating drivers to the latest 9.1-compatible drivers from the ATI site, I installed the card in a PCI slot and rebooted. The monitor power light changed from yellow to green, and the screen first showed uniform gray, then a uniform light purple, but otherwise no video. Switching the monitor (which is a Dell 17", btw) back to the onboard video, the now fully booted desktop showed perfectly. I powered down, tried reseting the cuda switch and got the same results from the Rage card.

Do the above symptoms sound like a faulty card, or is there some conflict I need to solve or other "trick" that I need to try? I want to do my best to establish that the card either is, or is not functional before I contact the seller, who has a "no doa" guarantee.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,