View Full Version : 8600 G4/450 Radeon 7000 vs Ultimate Rez

07-04-2002, 10:31 AM
I currently have an IXMicro Ultimate Rez intalled and have just started reading up about the Radeon 7000 Mac edition, 2002 model. I'm kinda get annoyed with pixels sticking everywhere with the Ultimate Rez and I'm considering purchasing one of these Radeon thingys. I'm running OS 9.1 and, after failed attempts getting OS X working, will probably continue to do so. My main use for the mac is audio production using Logic and Peak although I would like the capability to do limited video editing should I wish to purchase a firewire card. My questions are as follows:

1/ Money aside, would I be in a better position with the Radeon?
2/ After reading endless amounts of gumph on the net I'm still unclear as to, should I try and run OS X, whether it will work?
3/ With regard to OS 9.1, can I just install the openGl 1.2.2 from 9.2.1 to get 3D support?
4/ Will the Radeon actually work on a 8600/200 with a XLRG4/450?
5/ Is the ultimate rez actually any good, just poor drivers?

07-04-2002, 01:38 PM
Shame that ATI killed the 2001 model. I'd say try it but I don't think it will fly (ie, work). There was trouble with Beige G3 and OS X with that card.

OS X should work, once you strip bare to install, then beef your system back up. Ricks said it took awhile to get it running - and he has a 8600 churning OS X.

ATI only supports 9.2.1 as minimum I think for their drivers which means it might be more trouble than its worth.

Jaguar may have a better chance - or even make it impossible - to install OS X on 8600 but maybe ATI will have better driver support.

I've seen ATI TwinTurbo units still for sale. A Rage Orion or Rage 128 would be a slight improvement up.

I've seen garage sale clearance of Atlas 10k II 36GB for $200 that I'd trust my data with before I'd trust in FW. But FW 2 w/ 800Mbps is on the horizon, then again, so too is serial ATA which offers 150MB/s (don't expect to see it on the PC until 2003 though).

07-04-2002, 02:58 PM
-money aside, i bought a Radeon PCI Mac Edition and paid over $200 for it but it works like a champ, OSX and OS9.x. If i needed to upgrade video in a PCI mac I would try to locate one of these, otherwise I couldn't say what I would buy new. I am running a 7500 with the PCI video card that was pulled from a B/W G3, OS8.6 and about 512ram. it works great and really beefs up performance, i have no regrets on that choice as it breathed new life into the machine.
-your OSX question seems more an issue of the beige 8600 than the Radeon, I know the Radeon PCI that i am referring to will work just fine with OSX, but the old world macs can be touchy.
-i have no complaints with any ATI card i have used yet, they are still in business and pretty good at getting the upgrades when apple comes out with new versions of the OSX. for example, I only had to wait a couple weeks to get the installer problem worked out with the Radeon 8500 AGP and OS10.1.5, and that was partially because i bought the card after i had updated to 10.1.5.