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06-03-2002, 11:22 AM
Hey guys-

I posted this problem on the Apple forums and didn't get any real help. I am under the name "gira" on the Apple forums if any of you can remember me.

Anyway the problem is this, I just got a 22" LaCie Electron Blue monitor and it is incredible, simply gorgeous resolution, clearity and color not to mention a huge viewable area. But there has been a problem with it however. My computer keeps wanting to set the resoultion at 640 x 480 @ 67Hz. No matter what I did it would always go back to it. (I am just giving some history about my troubleshooting now) I went to monitors control panel and there were NO OTHER resolutions available. I threw out display and monitor setings I also reset PRAM and rebuilt desktop. Ater resetting PRAM and rebuilding the desktop i would reboot and the preferences would stick but sure enough the next time I rebooted it was back at 640 x 480.

First I want to know what caused this? Top of the line monitor, machine and video card and I can only get 640 x 480?

I reinstalled the OS from scratch, zeroed all data and clean install to 9.2.1 and same thing happened. Next I upgraded to 9.2.2 (with newer nVidia drivers on it) same thing still happens? So the last resort I had was to install nVidia drivers 3.0 update. This seems to have fixed it but I am still not comfortable with it. Sometimes when booting up, loading extensions the resolutions will be at the 640 x 480 but it always goes back the what I set it to when the desktop loads? It doesn't always do this but it does sometimes. But the important thing is that now it always ultimately ends up at the correct resolution but why does it act like it wants to go back so bad? I just don't get it.

Another problem is that I opened iTunes and turned the visuals on to see how they looked on the monitor and my FPS were terrible. I was getting somewhere between 15-25 FPS? What could be causing all this annoying stuff? Thanks for any help.

06-03-2002, 10:36 PM
It used to be that all display cards followed the same rules when built for the Macintosh. Back then, the parameters for the display could be stored in PRAM and it would be picked up by the video hardware on startup. Since Apple adopted OpenFirmware and PCI, they opened up the market for video cards that followed their own rules. This made it a lot easier for 3rd party companies to write drivers for the Mac, but they aren't necessarily capable of using the information stored in PRAM. Instead, the driver has to reload its own parameters from a preferences file during startup. The result is that many video cards will show the default resolution until such time that the settings are read in (Just like in PeeCees!).

You slow performance is probably due to a missing acceleration extension for your video card.

06-04-2002, 12:18 AM
You should have six NVIDIA extensions, all version 3.0, in your Extensions folder for the GF3. They are:
NVIDIA 2D Acceleration
NVIDIA DVD Accelerator
NVIDIA Video Accelerator

If they are all there, possibly something is corrupted.

Also check that the GF3 is fully seated in the AGP slot. Check that the cable from the monitor is fully seated into the GF3. I have seen the exact same thing if the cable is not fully seated. Mine was slightly cocked. If still no help, are you using an adapter? If so, does it have a dial or switches? You may need a better adapter. Griffin http://www.griffintechnology.com/video/index.html makes excellent adapters and a call to them (bottom of the page) should get a quick replay as to what you need. Have your LaCie model number and that you need it for a GeForce3. k

06-05-2002, 03:55 PM

You guys would never guess what the problem came down to. I have the solution for good now and it is so simple that no one ever thought of it, save for my excellent help person at LaCie. It was the damn monitor cable. The one that goes from monitor into the video card. They had sent me out a really ugly, beige generic looking one and I remember that my 19" Electron Blue had a black cable that looked like it really went with the monitor but this new looked like something from the late-mid 90's. Now my monitor is allowing for resolutions up to 2048 x 1536 @ 75Hz and the highest at 85Hz is 1900 x 1200!!! That is pretty damn impressive and I can not believe that the damn cable would be such a problem. Learn something new everyday!

But thanks for all you suggestions, the problem is solved.

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