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03-13-2002, 10:14 AM
Hi guys, I was wondering if anybody can provide me with some advice here. I have been unable to get my Radeon 32mb working fully under OS 9.2.2 after upgrading my biege G3 to an OWC G4 400. I can only get it to run with 2D acceleration because with all the ati extensions on, it freezes on loading the desktop. I have a Mach64 in there aswell (for a 2nd display) and that works fine. I did note there was an update from Apple, the ATi Software Update 1.0, which XLR8 noted fixed the problem, but it has done nothing on mine. I orginaly thought there was a conflict with the last update to the Radeon drivers so I reinstalled from the cd that came with it. And nothing. Still freezes on loading the desktop. I can boot fine with extensions off though.

The weird thing is that it works fine in OS X. I'm happy with using X to a point but the bulk of my prgrams and games are still for 9 only.

I'd be very gratefull if anybody has any ideas.

Thanks in advance.

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03-13-2002, 09:54 PM
Hi ya IM,

I wish I had a fixit for you. Most of us here have had our middle names changed to XLR8, they are incredible with their support and superior products. Just not a whole lot of experience with the OWC stuff.

Hope you find a solution, the Radeon is still the very best graphics card around for PCI macs and OS9-OSX compatibilty, not to mention it's still the speed king for gaming over hte newer but slower 7000.

I'd love to have an answer for you.


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03-14-2002, 01:32 AM
Other then extension conflict the other thing I'd look at would be the voltage regulator (the "Royal" regulator is reported to have issues with the G4).

03-14-2002, 06:37 AM
Thanks guys. Spaz2, I check the voltage regulator and its listed as one of the compatible ones. I've rated the processor at XLR8yourmac.com and had some tips back from Mike Breen.

A Mac is forever!

03-14-2002, 01:19 PM

I recall something in the past (perhaps from xlr8yourmac.com) about two different ATI chip sets not playing well together...being touchy about which card gets installed first...which hand you use...what direction you're facing during the install...well...maybe not the last one... http://macgurus.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

Of course, finding someone who has been successful at this video card combo AND the same Mac box plus OS rev might be a bit hard to find. I've found some very helpful info at ATI's site in the past but I did have to turn over a few stones.

Tried any queries to ATI tech support yet?

03-26-2002, 10:15 PM
Hiya...Just thought you might like to know that your problem is not unique to you or your beige G3/G4. I have a revision 1 Yosemite G3 that I put a Radeon PCI card in. While in Mac OS 9, if I would change resolutions or opened up the Monitors Control Panel, the machine would freeze solid. This made it very difficult to play games, work with Photoshop, or just about anything else. This problem even sometimes happened when I restarted, causing a hard freeze at boot.

And just like you, it worked flawlessly in OS X. Even if I launched Classic in OS X, Classic would freeze, but OS X would continue to work perfectly. Befuddled, I posted many questions to many boards and everyone scratched their heads at this problem. My only option was to talk directly to Apple and ATI.

My questions to ATI and Apple were met with "hmmm..." and "interesting." I eventually removed the Radeon and went back to using my Voodoo 2 with the Rage 128 card that the machine was built with. To this day, if I use ANY Radeon card I get freezes galore. I have even tried using a different Radeon, just to see if there would be any difference - there wasn't.

The Yosemite is now retired to Mac OS X Server life, having been replaced with a new G4/867. I never boot it back into OS 9, so there is no problem with the Radeon, but this card is too much for a dedicated server. Said Radeon card now resides in one of my spare PCI slots to run a second monitor and the Yosemite happily uses its Rage 128 for server use.

Anyway, hope you get your problem solved. I sure didn't!