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03-10-2002, 02:29 PM
I 've been offered a Mac ATI Rage 128 but have no detailed information on that card nor have I seen it yet. It is also not sure in which Mac this one had been run, maybe a G3 b/w.
According to the seller the card is a PCI with an imprint "ATI Rage 128" on it, as well as a second "smaller board" stuck in it. The seller himself isn't too much into technical stuff nor can he provide any further information on the card.
Question: To my knowledge the ATI Rage 128 would be fine to upgrade my PPC 9600/200 (still original video card) -- but does it a l w a y s provide 16 MB of RAM and therefore better resolutions and 2D acceleration? Or have there been "older" ATI Rage 128 with less performance than my original video card?
Thks for your kind responds!!!


03-10-2002, 03:03 PM
The original RAGE128PCI debuted with the B&WG3 (yosemite) system. It is a great 2D accelerator. Normally you will not need 16MB for 2D (I think it only requires about 8MB for 1600x1200x32bpp), but the extra VRAM can be used to help QT playback and other things too. The daughter card is most likely a DVD/MPEG2 decoder/acclerator. Since the B&WG3 had an option for DVD, yet the G3 processor was only 300Mhz Apple decided to add a dedicated hardware decoder for this - to take the load off the CPU. Most likely this will not work with any other computer than the B&WG3 and Apple DVD Player 1.3 (1.4?). The good news is that if you have a 400Mhz or faster G3 you should be able to get a hacked Apple DVD player and run it through software mode. The card does take some of the load off the CPU, but not nearly as much as the dedicated DVD decoder.

This is the oldest card you can get that supports 'graphics acceleration' in X. Anything before this will be dog slow. There are no older ATI RAGE 128 cards. There is a newer RAGE128Pro, but that is AGP only and only a little bit faster. There was an old Nexus 16MB card. They were 'RAGE64' IIRC and came in either 8MB or 16MB version. I bought the 8MB version for $250 about 5 years ago... it was a good deal at the time. The 16MB version or 8MB upgrade was always too expensive to worry about. I have run games like POD RACER on both cards (The Nexus 8MB and the RAGE128VR 16MB) and found that they are both fairly fast (at least for this game) but the RAGE128VR looks way better and had more detail. The Nexus 8MB looks kinda chunky.

This card should work well in your 9600 - esp if you are going to try out X. I think this card is worth from $50 to $75 - maybe less.

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03-10-2002, 04:54 PM

thks a lot for yr fast response -- very helpful!!

03-10-2002, 09:33 PM
One other thing of note: The B&W came with an original Rage 128 and a speed bumped rage 128 that had a bit faster graphics card clock speed. The way to tell the difference is that the faster one had a heat sink and the older one did not. Both are fully OS X supported and either will make a great upgrade for your beige Mac.