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Scott Harrison
02-04-2002, 02:00 PM
Just did a fresh install with OS 9.1 on a G3 accelerated 7600, and wanted to use my ixMicro Ultimate Rez (non-Apple, from OWC, with the two video outputs...can only use one at a time). Saw the info on what control panels and extensions to use from xlr8yourmac.com, and also the posts here on how do do it...confusing. Where to get the parts? How to do the hybrid install?

Here's what to do: go to http://eshop.macsales.com/Tech/index.cfm?load=ixmicro.html to get the version 2.00.616 installer for the Ultimate Rez...this will get you the ixView Video Control 2.00 control panel, the ix3D Driver Update, the ix3D Rave Engine and the ix3D Memory Manager...all these last 3 are extensions and also version 2.00...all 4 from June 1999.

The installer will also add Display Enabler 2.4.1 even though the Read Me says: "The installer will also install Display Enabler version 2.4.1 in the extensions folder if you have an older version in the system"...this is a false statement. It will also throw out the Apple ix3D software if you had done an install of that from the OS 9.1 CD first, so follow the sequence below!

I did my OS 9.1 install on a freshly reformatted hard drive with no alteration from the recommended install automatically offered. The Ultimate Rez card was in the 7600, so the Apple installer did not recognize this card and do the Apple ixMicro extension installation. I would thus recommend doing the Apple ixMicro install from the CD, unchecking all but the Apple ix3D Graphics option, which is in the Video section. Do that single install, and then move new Apple extensions onto the desktop...you'll want to save only the Apple ix3D Graphics Accelerator 1.0.4 extension for later.

I would then run the ix3D 2.x installer...that will install the 3 extensions, the control panel, and that Display Enabler. Move the Apple ix3D Graphics Accelerator 1.0.4 back into the extensions folder, throw out the Display Enabler extension. Turn off Built-In Graphics Accelerator on G3 or G4 accelerated machines, and 7200 Graphics Accelerator if you see it too.

I disable Sync On Green in the ixMicro control panel...this took care of some strange display jags/bands that showed up on my AppleVision 1710 with the setup above (the display problem was not present with another type of Apple monitor on a similar upgraded Mac). Sync on Green was a problem in my old Twin Turbo too, and ixMicro engineers told me how to disable it by a jumper setting on the card itself...there are no jumpers on my Ultimate Rez card for this.

Here is a question...it I want to run two displays side-by-side would the advice be to keep the Built-In Graphics Accelerator extension from Apple active in a G3/G4 accelerated 7600? I know one cannot run two monitors simultaneously off the ixMicro card...the second one would be plugged into the built-in video out connector on the Mac.

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02-05-2002, 01:26 AM
Yes. Keep the extensions for the IXMicro display. I'd also recommend using the card for your primary display.

02-05-2002, 01:58 AM
Holy shit! You know how to disable Sync on Green on a Twin Turbo via jumper settings?!! Please elaborate!

Vice-President, Die-Hard TT Users-For-Life Club

02-05-2002, 09:22 AM
I had a similar problem with the UltimateRez card too. I noticed that when I installed OS 9.1, no software for this card was installed. I knew this because I made a comparison withTomeViewer. What worked for me was deleting the display enabler for IxMicro because it conflicts with the Apple display enabler. The IXmicro installs this extension regardless of whether you have an older version or not--this is really stupid. At least its an easy fix--delete it. If necessary try using version 1.5 version of IxMicro instead--it worked better for me. LasVegas and Gregory gave me some good advice so that the card works flawlessly now. I also agree with LasVegas that the card should be primary. Also, he suggested using SwitchRes which works great with the card.

P.S. Since this card is basically plug n' play--you dont have to use the IXmIcro software at all--its just a choice. You can always just use ColorSync. Just a thought...

Best wishes. I hope this helps.

Scott Harrison
02-05-2002, 12:35 PM
I thought that TwinTurbo comment might generate some interest. The card I have is a Twin Turbo128M4 (with 4 MB of on-board vram). A software check of the PCI card identified it as tt128m-C1. I have an old FAQ from ixMicro stating there are several other flavors of the Twin Turbo cards....the 128M2 and the 128MP2, both "with 2MB of on-board vram, which is upgradeable to 4 MB." They also had a 128M8 version with 8MB of on-board vram. Whether the following jumper setting info is applicable to all 4 versions or only the 128M4 is something I am not sure of.

Here is a quote I got directly from ixMicro when I was having trouble with my Apple 1710AV display with their card: "The TwinTurbo card is configured to use a feature called Synch on Green. Since the Apple 1710AV monitor does not require this feature, you must disable the Synch on Green jumper on the TwinTurbo card. To do this, changer jumper JP4 from position 2-3 to position 1-2." Those 1,2,3's refer to pins bridged by a single jumper at the JP4 pin set location....it came with the single jumper bridging pins 2 and 3. I moved that jumper to bridge pins 1 and 2, and the Synch on Green capability was thereafter hardware-disabled. The benefit was that on my 7500 with the TT card running a 1710AV monitor somehow the software setting in the ixMicro control panel was randomly getting lost and the thing would default to Synch on Green. I have never found an Apple monitor that needed S on G, and I have run alot of monitors from that card since.

Here is the JP4 and 1,2,3 pin secret information: Hold the card so the TT VLSI processor card is facing you, the two video-out connectors ("back" of card) facing to your left....Mac display connector will be on the bottom, smaller mini-D connector will be at the top. JP4 is at the bottom left corner of the circuit board, near the Mac display connector. Pin 3 is the top one, pin 2 is the middle, and pin 1 is the bottom of the vertically oriented set of three pins there. I knew there was a reason I saved all that stuff!

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Scott Harrison
02-05-2002, 01:25 PM

Saw your advice: "Keep the extensions for the IXMicro display. I'd also recommend using the card for your primary display."

I plan to use the card for the primary, and the internal Mac display connector for the secondary monitor. I would keep the ixMicro/Apple hybrid extension set for the primary monitor run off the card.

My question is related to the secondary display run off the built in video hardware in the 7600. Magician recommended in the past to disable the Apple provided "Built In Graphics Accelerator" extension in G3/G4 accelerated Macs, but this was in the context of using a graphics card and one monitor hooked up to that card (none hooked to the built-in hardware).

With the situation where one has a G3/G4 accelerated 7600 and a secondary monitor plugged into the built-in video hardware would the advice still be to throw out that particular extension?

02-06-2002, 12:39 AM
http://www.macgurus.com/ubb/kickass.gif Wow! Super-secret hardware hack info! I love it!

I'm wondering whether I should bother trying. I checked my board with PowerControl and the TT control panel (which still, as always, has SonG checked).
PowerControl calls it a 128M and tt128mb. The TT panel is not helpful, and I can't get System Profiler to see anything except my USB and SCSI cards.

I'll keep you posted. btw, I'm posting your TT info in a new thread so it will be searchable.

Scott Harrison
02-06-2002, 12:38 PM
Probed my TT card again and figured out that the designation I gave earlier (tt128m-C1) represents C1 as the PCI slot number it is in. I get exactly the same designations as you do when I use Apple System Profiler, etc. So, open up that box and go to it!

02-06-2002, 02:54 PM
in a G3 or G4 upgraded vintage machine, you always want to disable the built-in Graphics Accelerator. Yes, you can simply pull it onto the desktop and benchmark with and without, but 9.99 times out of ten there will be no performance penalty with removal.

if you are in that unfortunate category suffering artifacting with the extension installed, pull it and get on with life, and be confident that you are losing nothing but problems.

Angela's advice to disable that stupid Display Enabler should be followed in all cases.