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11-21-2001, 09:09 PM
Confusion on the GF3.

The GF-3 only recognizes the Panisonic 17" as a VGA, but the main issue is that is ONLY shows the RECOMMEND resolution and that is ONLY 640x480 - NUTz.

The GF-3 has and shows regular supported resolutions for my Sony E500 20" display. The Radeon PCI works fine wtih either monitor (except when playing UT with the Pan).

Not sure if its
a) a stupid GF-3 card
b) bad drivers with the GF-3
c) conflict with the ATI (does not this always happen?)
d) Apple decided they would NOT support 3 year old monitors (I have a Panisonic PanaSync S70 17" monitor - I guess its an 'off brand'? :confusion:

My boot/app monitor is the PCI RADEON. This is because UT/RAVE does not work with the GF-3 and I can only get 640x480 when running UT as the second monitor.

I am running 9.2.1 - X is not installed, yet.

I hope I do not NEED switch REZ, but I may get it if necessary. 10.1 may behave differently (I hope so, but am not holding my breath). Any ideas on how I can force a resolution change on the GF-3 Pan monitor?


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11-21-2001, 10:00 PM
Hey dragon_xxxxxxxx
I had the same problem in reverse. I installed a Radeon in my GF3 equiped QS and the Radeon would only support 640X480 or 800X600(I don't remember which) I never did get the Radeon to expand the list until I removed the GF3, I was running a system test for a software developer, their program wouldn't work on the Quicksilver in OS9.x but works great in 10.x. I figured it was the GeForce3 but the problem continued with the Radeon as the only graphic card/extensions.

Try removing the Radeon and running just the GF3 with the 17" and set the rez then add the Radeon. Can't say why but it worked for me.


11-23-2001, 11:46 AM
OK - I installed 10.1 and it is working good - so far. The main issue with 10.1 now is that I can not get a net connection, but that is another story. 10.1 does give me the full range of video resolutions in BOTH displays. I set my 17" Pan monitor to 1152x870 @75Hz and it is working fine. In fact now 9.2.1 thinks that ONLY 1152x870 is supported for that Card/Display.

Of course now that I have installed 10.1 - UT seems to get a 'Can not find 'LOGO'' error - and it is not EVEN a carbonized game. http://www.macgurus.com/ubb/mad.gif